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  • Zama Red Light Therapy Club (12 sessions/month) - $299.00/Monthly - $150.00/Initiation - can be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$449.00
    Recurring Payment:$299.00

    Always feel relaxed, rejuvenated and free of pain with our Red Light Therapy Membership Program! Up to 12 visits per month (3x/week), this is an amazing value! 3x/week is our recommended frequency in order to optimally stimulate your cells and promote natural healing. If you are serious about staying healthy, then this club is for you! Great for chronic pain management, sports recovery, reducing oxidative stress, anti-fatigue, anti-aging and rejuvenation! Compared to 12 individual sessions at $588! This all-inclusive membership includes 10% off all services, enhancements and gift certificates and 15% off product at Zama! A 3-month commitment required. Start your membership today by calling or purchasing online!

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