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"For Valentine’s Day, my dear husband gives me a gift certificate to Serendipity and today I had a wonderful massage and  also had the “sugar skin polishing” with Jennifer.  I feel like a new woman and think everyone should treat themselves to these incredible experiences.  We woman need to take better care of ourselves and this is such a wonderful gift.    Thank you Jennifer for making me feel wonderful."
- K

"I found you on Yelp and read ALL good reviews. The reviews for Bonnie are prompted are me to call. My back has never been as bad as it has been in the last three weeks and Bonnie has worked miracles on me. She knows exactly what to do and finds every knot and ache in my body. She has changed my life !! I will be bringing my daughter and a friend cannot wait to try her. Bonnie is a GEM of a therapist and person !! Thank you." -- Lorie B.

"Yesterday, April 20th, my fiancé and I went to our very first massage. I booked us a couples massage. My therapist was David and my fiancée therapist was Bonnie. I can not even begin to explain how wonderful our experience was. They were both so welcoming and nice the entire time. They took time in the beginning to see what we were looking for. My fiancés occupation requires hard manual labor and Bonnie made sure she got all of the knots out of his back and shoulders. We will be returning that's for sure." -- Elizabeth H.

"I very much enjoyed my first 90 min. session with Bonnie on Wed. 4/22/15. I'm not a massage therapy newbie so please believe me that my experience at Serendipity was very good. I recommend Bonnie and the spa highly, very therapeutic and thorough." -- C.C.

"Bonnie was awesome. So professional but friendly too. I'm a massage "veteran" and this one is in the top five I've had. Thank you Bonnie - I'll be back."  --Anne S.

"Bonnie was wonderful. She was very kind and made me feel very comfortable. She did a great massage with good stretches. I felt a lot better afterwards." -- Layla G

"Love this place.  I book random appointments every so often, and I've been extremely satisfied with the masseuse each time. Bonnie was awesome today. She's great at what she does and is fun to talk to.  Thanks Bonnie and Serendipity!" --Craig M

“Thanks for a great massage! My bum feels better already :)” – Rosalind

        Best of Nova                                                                                            

"I have gotten massages at different places in the world, and getting a massage has been my indulgence since I took an office job. I am a new fan of a lava shell massage combined with a deep tissue massage. I really enjoyed the deep tissue massage from Chris before. So, when I wanted to try the lava shell massage for the first time, I asked him to customize a 90 min. massage for me that combines the lava shell massage with the deep tissue massage.  The customized massage by Chris was amazing, and I am so happy that I found the massage that I have always dreamed of. I have never liked a hot stone massage but I am in love with the lava shell massage because of the right temperature the shell maintains throughout the massage and relaxation it provides before the deep tissue work. I love Noriko and Bonnie for deep tissue massage as well but Chris who can combine the lava shell massage with the deep tissue massage is my absolute favorite." -- Jiyeon C

"I had my first appointment with Chris and he introduced me to trigger point massage.  The amount and application of pressure was amazing along my shoulder blades and upper back.  He was able to reduce the size of several knots in that location as well as others along my neck.  When I left the areas that received extra attention  were a bit tender, but the next day you feel that much better:)  I would definitely recommend Chris and his expertise, I've already booked another appointment." --Heather F

"I went to see Chris yesterday for the first time... Wow!  I've gotten many massages by many people and never has someone listened to me so closely about my problem area (my back and shoulders) and did such a good job working on that area.  I feel like a new person today!  Will definitely be going back to see him soon!" -- Kelley G

"Chris was excellent. He quickly pinpointed exactly what I needed and tailored the entire massage to working on my sore, overworked shoulders." -- Dana C

"Everything was great. We were given a Couples Massage as a gift for our wedding. My husband had never had a massage before and LOVED it. I have had many, many massages over the past 20 years and my massage with Chris was exceptional. I would definitely book him again and so would my husband with his massage therapist. We love that you are so close to our home, too!" -- Andrea D

"I want to let you know Chris was terrific!  I came in with some major tension in my upper back and shoulders and in my hips/quads. He did a great job working on these areas and it was wonderful to talk with him.  I will be back soon for another massage from Chris!" -- Sherry K

"My boyfriend and I wanted to try a couple's massage and found Serendipity online. Neither of us had ever gotten a massage and we're so glad Serendipty was the first place we got one. Beautiful studio and WONDERFUL customer service. David was my massage therapist and he was awesome. Very kind and great at his job. I would definitely recommend Serendipty and look forward to my next visit!     Tara H.

"I had a massage with David and it was one of the best massages I had. He was able to get the kinks out of my muscles and also showed me some stretches to do each day. The wellness studio was very clean and was an overall great experience!" -- Jennifer G

"Fantastic place for therapeutic massage, and not just a relaxing spa around the corner.  Staff is friendly, attentive and caring.  I had David the first time and have my second visit scheduled already." -- Patricia M. 

"Went for a couple's massage and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  David Roberts was my therapist and was the perfect professional catering to my needs with much care and attention.  Raja was my lady friend's therapist and was also equally wonderful.  Would not hesitate to recommend this place to anyone." -- Dean V. 

"David was fantastic. Best massage I've had at serendipity!" -- Sarah D

"I had the best experience at this spa on Tuesday! Ravi gave me an amazing facial and David was an excellent masseuse. The atmosphere is calm, the products are the top of the line and it is the only place I will be going from now on in Northern Virginia. I would recommend this spa (and these services specifically) to anyone!" -- Melissa W.

"Easy to make an appointment and use gift card. Very nice specialized services...... David  did a great job with my husband! He had somewhat recently had a herniated disc and his muscles were extremely sore from having to compensate. He was extremely pleased with Serendipity from the front staff to the massage specialist" -- Angie H.

"This is our second massage at Serendipty.  This time, we opted for the two-hour couples massage, and "as good as it gets" doesn't come close to describing David and Vanessa.  My girlfriend is taking a nine hour drive tomorrow, and this was my pre-drive present to her.  When they were done with us, we floated out of there, had dinner and wine, and are soaring with pleasure.  She is chaperoning a middle school trip for 10 days, and we've agreed to have another couples massage at the first opportunity when she returns.  Better than anything we've ever had on a cruise or in a resort!" -- Paul and Dot

"I had the pleasure of treating myself and my boyfriend to a couples massage the weekend after Valentine's Day this year. Mrs. Noriko Benjamin and Mr. David Roberts were great massage therapists and created a memorable full-sensory environment with the scent of essential oils, music of a babbling brook, and warm towels on my face and feet during the massage. The owner, Jennifer Ferdinand, is great too! Her wellness studio has a lovely calming energy and inviting feel. Everyone was great. Thank you." -- Sara G. 

"This was my first visit at Serendipity and I couldn't be more pleased. First off, the atmosphere was great, very relaxing and soothing. David was very personable from the moment I walked in the door till the moment I left. He made me feel very comfortable explaining what he was going to do and asking me if I had any questions. The massage was extremely soothing and the perfect amount of pressure. David asked me twice during the massage if the pressure was still ok, and it sure was! There were no surprises, David calmly told me when he was using hot towels. David made me feel more relaxed and comfortable than any other massage therapist I've had in the past. Overall I had a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend David and Serendipity to my friends and family. I will definitely be back!"-- Cory C

"Yesterday, April 20th, my fiancé and I went to our very first massage. I booked us a couples massage. My therapist was David and my fiancée therapist was Bonnie. I can not even begin to explain how wonderful our experience was.  They were both so welcoming and nice the entire time. They took time in the beginning to see what we were looking for.....We will be returning that's for sure" --Elizabeth H.

“I had an awesome massage from Maritta (I had a 60 minute custom therapeutic massage).”
– Lindsay

“It was worth every penny and by far the best massage I've ever had! It was a gentle massage yet Maritta used various techniques all over my body to provide relief where there was pain.”
– S.N.

“What a way to start off the busiest week coming up with a wonderful massage. This is the second time I have had a massage with Maritta and I think she is wonderful. She listens to what I tell her about parts of me that have been tight and painful and she works it out. Her touch is not too much but just right. The whole experience with the heated table and heat on my back really helps me to relax.”
– Mary

“Thank you for reaching out in regards to the couples massage on Saturday. I know Justin’s views on massage have changed and I can tell you that he will be back for sure. I also enjoy massages, and was pleased to see that the studio, massage therapist, all around business was one that I would without a doubt would return to. Thank you again.”
– Jamie B

“WOW! Just wanted to tell you I am impressed by the results of the Thai massage - you were right :) Today is the first time in a looooong time I've woken up without any lower back pain. Very unusual – speaks very highly to both the method and the execution. THANK YOU!!!”
– Jen S

“Ever since my Isometric balancing session-I have been feeling like something is missing? Oh yeah that’s right-the pain in my right leg and hip joint. I spend so much money and time on physical therapy and got absolutely no results. One session with Maritta and I was pain free the next day. The shoulder pain I have is a more severe and long-term so that may take a couple more sessions but the short term in my leg has been relieved instantly. Isometric balancing isn’t like a massage or physical therapy session, which may be strange and new but it worked for me and I hope it will help anyone else who tries it. Thanks Maritta!!!”

"Jenny did an amazing job today with my custom massage and made sure I got the most out of it. Not only that, she was extremely friendly and knowledgable about how to help fix (or at least stretch) my upper back issues. I have already recommended her and this facility to my boyfriend and my sister. I hope to come back as soon as my schedule frees up again. Thank you!" -- Christal L

"Jenny was fantastic...very happy with results" -- Mark W

"Jenny Dominguez did a wonderful job. My massage was everything I wanted it to be and I left completely satisfied and relaxed." -- Christopher

"Laura did a wonderful job. She asked were the problem areas were, and she looked at my file so she knew were my previous problem areas were, and took care of them. I would highly recommend Laura. She also knew the right amount pressure to apply to my trouble areas." -- Michael Z

"Luz was great and did an excellent Thai massage despite my high level of inflexibility." -- Laval M

" was great and I definitely plan on coming back and having Luz work on me again.." -- Angela

"Luz did a great job on loosening my hip it has not felt this good in months. I would recommend her to any one that is having problems with tightness. Because of Luz I purchased a OOOH 90 minute plan. Plus she is very attentive to your problems and the amount pressure she uses. Thanks again Luz for your help I will be back." -- Mike Z

"Was having troubles sleeping and lower back pains. Searched Yelp for massages around me. Found Serendipity and was able to book online for first thing the next morning.  I booked the 60 minutes custom massage was Luz. BEST MASSAGE EVER!   She was able to help my lower back pain with a variety of massage techniques. She is very knowledgeable in the massage field and knew exactly where to focus on. She uses traditional Swedish + deep tissue, Thai stretching, as well as walking on my back and hamstrings.   I've gone to many upscale luxury spas and have paid double or even triple of what serendipity charges for less quality massages.  I will be back to have Massage sessions with Luz.  Thank you Luz! Because of you I was able to sleep like a baby! Also, my back feels 1000x better!" -- Bella T

 "I decided to try a massage with Luz since I had not had one with her before.  The massage I got was wonderful and she told me how she did Thai massage and suggested that Thai massage might be good for me since I had an issue with my left quad that made my left leg very stiff and unflexible.  I made my next appointment for a Thai massage and was so happy I did.  I felt the massage was exactly what I needed.   She uses her feet to massage your arms, legs and back and you wear loose fitting clothing for the massage.  I felt great after the massage and also felt like I had more mobility in my left leg.  I continued to have Thai massage for my next several appointments.  I then recently injured my back working out and I made an appointment for a regular massage with Luz.  She worked and worked on my back and buttock area using several techniques to relieve the pain and when I got out of there my back felt so much better.  I also recently had issues with my right bicep and again Luz used several techniques to get the knots out of my arm.  She also makes sure that what she is doing is working and also remembers the areas I had issues with when I come back.  I highly recommend Luz as a massage therapist and if you haven’t tried Thai massage I definitely think it is worth trying out." -- Pat G

"Luz was very communicative and was always asking questions to see how I was feeling. She paid attention to detail and was very warm, friendly, and professional. I have been getting massages for fifteen years, and this was one of the best! Serendipity is lucky to have her" --Carol G.

"I was thrilled with today's massage.  I believe this was my 2nd, or maybe 3rd, massage with Raja.  She's terrific!  I would have booked an appt sooner but she isn't as available as much as some of the other therapists (on the days I was available).  I appreciated the many nice touches that I didn't experience in my previous massage (scented cloth under the head pillow, hot towels for my feet, eye pad, etc.)   Looking forward to my next massage already." -- Cathy M

"I had a 2 hour massage from Raja. It is the best I can remember—over many years—in many places. As I get older the “therapeutic” aspect is more important. Today was therapeutic, restorative and a wonderful interlude. Raja is very talented, pleasant and professional. I will recommend her to others. Thanks"  -- Tom F

"My wife and I had super massages to ring in the new year. My wife had Raja and I had Regina; another first class experience at Serendipity!
Thanks." --Joe W

"Raja is amazing!  I have gone to Serendipity spa a few times now and Raja give wonderful massages. Not only is her technique good but her personality warming and soothing. The Spa is clean and calming. They do not seem to be in a rush to get you in and out. Booking online is easy and there is no pressure to buy anything before you get out the door." -- Susan F.

"I have to say that I am extremly picky when it comes to my massages (after living in Asia for 5 years). However, when I book, it's usually for two hours with Raja.  Poor gal, I really give her a work out.  But Raja never disappoints, and I never feel rushed through my appointment." -- Y.E.

"I really enjoyed my session with Raja. She was very nice and took the time to understand my needs. She took her time to break up some stubborn tense muscles in my neck/shoulder. I also enjoyed the extra touches such as the hot towel on my back and face - that was an extra surprise which was much appreciated. I will definitely be back to see her and recommend friends/family. Thanks" -- Shaheen A.

"I've been going to Serendipity for over a year now and I'm surprised it took me this long to write a review. This place is amazing and my husband and I do our best to come in and see Raja once a month. She is the BEST and getting a massage with her is truly a treat! She's so sweet, professional and makes you feel so comfortable!! She always does an such an amazing job!!! Thank you Raja!!! -- Christina

"I got a prenatal massage here with Raja, and it was fantastic. The studio is lovely and they make you feel so relaxed. I've had a lot of low back pain throughout my pregnancy, and Raja was able to work all the knots out in my low back and hips. I walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. The reviews on this place are definitely correct. If you're looking for a good massage in the area, come to Serendipity! I ended up buying a package deal. Definitely worth it!" -- Kelly

"Raja always does an outstanding job, she never disappoints and I always leave feeling so refreshed! Thank you so much!" --Christina

"Ravi is a miracle. For 120 minutes she transported me away from all the stress in my life. The facial was so lovely. I felt cared for, wrapped in warmth and utterly relaxed. Afterward my skin glowed. She took five years off of my face. I went straight home and to bed. Best sleep I've had in a while. Thank you Ravi!! I will be back." -- Valli S

"I had the best experience at this spa on Tuesday! Ravi gave me an amazing facial and David was an excellent masseuse. The atmosphere is calm, the products are the top of the line and it is the only place I will be going from now on in Northern Virginia. I would recommend this spa (and these services specifically) to anyone!" -- Melissa W. 

"My daughter & I have been looking for a good esthician since our favorite retired in 2013. Between us we've been to 6 different places & have not been happy. Ravi is the first person that we've both loved. She did a fantastic job & we will definitely be back." --Andrea G

"Bonnie and Ravi were superb. I thoroughly enjoyed all the pampering." -- Sharayu T

"Ravi did an amazing job! My face felt so clean and fresh after the appointment, even throughout the rest of the week. THANK YOU! Will be booking again for another facial."  --Meredith L

"This is my favorite place for facials." -- April K

"This is our second massage at Serendity.  This time, we opted for the two-hour couples massage, and "as good as it gets" doesn't come close to describing David and Vanessa.  My girlfriend is taking a nine hour drive tomorrow, and this was my pre-drive present to her.  When they were done with us, we floated out of there, had dinner and wine, and are soaring with pleasure.  She is chaperoning a middle school trip for 10 days, and we've agreed to have another couples massage at the first opportunity when she returns.  Better than anything we've ever had on a cruise or in a resort!" -- Paul and Dot

"Excellent massage! I had some issues w my neck and Vanessa worked very hard to alleviate the issue! All I can say is after two weeks of pain, I am almost back to normal! Thanks so much Vanessa!" -- Heather B

"It was great! Loved it! Vanessa was terrific!" -- Tracey

"It was my first visit. I absolutely loved the environment (aromatherapy, warm bed, nice music), and Vannessa was beyond fantastic. My best massage ever! Thank you!" -- Charlene

“I could tell this is a place that focuses on full body wellness. I was very satisfied when I arrived, the waiting area relaxed me with the calming decor, soft music, and hot tea. The therapist was excellent, very knowledgeable, gave me helpful advice! I tried the lava shell massage, it was great, I look forward to many more services!”
– Miranda G

“I was trying to find a good spa for massages in the NoVA area, and I stumbled across Serendipity. I just went yesterday, and I have to say it was amazing. The staff was super nice and the location was very nice. Each room was well spaced and clean. I just tried the Ashiatsu massage style for the first time, and I will totally be coming back for more!”
– Brandon S

“Where to begin... I've always gotten monthly massages for about 5 or so years now. California is full of spas. I've tried the glitzy glam places at 4-5 star hotels and the "upscale" places in OC where I grew up. With a new job here in fairfax I desperately needed the kinks out from my move and new-beginning stress. My first experience was Marietta who was wonderful. Her head massage was wonderful and she's definitely great at relaxing your body, but I'm used to deep tissue so it was a bit weak for me personally. My second time I decided to switch it up and try Jennifer. OMG the tiny woman got some strong awesome hands. I've been back about 4 times now and each time is perfect. I've been recommending the place to my friends left and right. Definitely the best massages I've had so far have all been here. One other thing to note. I have semi-sensitive skin that used to break out when some of the body oil got on my neck or face area at previous spas. No problem at all here. My skin doesn't break out at all even when they do my head and face massage. That's how you know the stuff they use is the good stuff :) Ill be a regular here as long as I'm in the area for sure.”
– Dorothy K

“My husband and I got a couples' massage that was literally the best session we've ever received. Our masseuses were so skilled and used the perfect amount of pressure. I wish I had better words to elaborate, but the bottom line is that this is a great service that I can't wait to schedule again.”
Desiree S

“The day before my spa visit to Serendipity Wellness Studio, I hurt my neck/shoulders working in the garden for 3 hours pulling the weeds out the rock garden (I kept my head in the down position for too long). Jennifer's massage (60 minute custom therapeutic) greatly relieved the pain and I would like to visit her again soon. I really appreciate her effort to tackle my problem areas. You can tell she is very professional and experienced. I also like their computer system, you can book online, and it will send you confirmation email prior to the appointment and thank you email afterwards. Oh, one more thing, I like the variety of the organic tea in the waiting room. I tried peach and it was good.”
– Min E

“I have visited Jennifer a few times already and each experience was absolutely awesome! My body massage was desperately needed and she was able to get some of the major knots out of my neck! The facial she gave me has improved my skin and the organic oil I purchased from her moisturizes like none other! Thanks so much, Jennifer! Will see you next time I'm back in the area!”
– S Kim

“I just visited this spa for the first time last weekend. I had a 90 minute couples massage with my boyfriend. The ladies who performed our massages were very nice, professional, and did a fantastic job. You can definitely tell they had extensive schooling and knew what they were doing. I can't wait to go back. The prices are very reasonable for the DC area and the place is very cozy and serene.”
– Jasmine S

“Loved the owner, very reasonably priced, and would definitely go back! I got a facial and it was amazing and over 24 hours later my face and skin still feel clean and fresh and has never felt better!”
– Christina B

“I have gone to Serendipity Wellness Studio a couple times during the past year and their spa experience is fantastic. Jennifer gives the best massage I have ever received. If you want a relaxing afternoon schedule the 90 min massage and 60 min facial package, you'll feel so refreshed. They have two convenient locations in the Fairfax/Burke VA area.”
– Eric P

“I had a massage at the Burke location with Mary and loved it. Cynthia gave me a facial at the Fairfax location and it was so relaxing. I took advantage of the wellness weeks specials and am glad I did. I have definitely found a place I will return to!! Both were super nice and professional, Thank You:)”
– Cynthia S

“I'm new to SpaFinder and was glad to see an option in Fairfax, VA. I was immediately drawn to Serendipity because of it's holistic approach. I walked into the studio and didn't know what to expect. Jennifer made me feel welcome right away. The treatment room was cozy. I have had many types of massages in the past and was hoping this would be a good one. Pleasantly surprised!!! Jennifer was great. Would definitely go back!”
– Dianna W



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