Tanning Duration Price
  • Face Tan Only 5 minutes $12.00 Book Now
  • Single Splash Full Body Tan 15 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    - Signature Spray Studio Exclusive ECOCert Organic, Vegan Tanning Formula
    - Alcohol Free/Paraben Free/Cruelty Free Formula
    -Custom Color Mixed Per Client
    - Wait 8+ Hours To Shower Or Upgrade To our RAPID Quick Tint Formula (shower 2-5 hours after application depending on desired color results)

    First step is PREP spray, and then the tanning solution is applied. After tan application, each client is detailed and a post tan sealer is applied to ensure optimal tan development and NO CRAZY SMELL!

  • Split Splash Half Body Tan 15 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    This is all the same as a SINGLE SPLASH TAN, except it is only HALF BODY...meaning you choose waist UP or waist DOWN,
    If you choose upper body, it does include the face if you would like.
    (We do not alter the half body area outside if waist up or wait down)
  • Temp Tint One Night Tan 15 minutes $25.00 Book Now
    Our TEMP TINT One Night Tan is a bronzer application to give instant color that lasts until your first shower...and sometimes even your second! You can have us build your color until your desired depth, then you dry and your ready to party!
    You can not, however, get wet or do any heavy sweating with this treatment, so it is best to come showered, exfoliated, and free of product. Once you are all tanned up, you will be able to immediately dress, do your makeup and go!
    Odor-free. Non-Tacky. Moisturizing. Amazing.
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