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Hydrating Cream (50 ml)

Use of BIOEFFECT DAYTIME results in smoother and firmer looking skin. This moisturizing and nourishing cream is quickly absorbed into the skin, and is particularly well suited for use under foundation.

Induces a youthful glow to induce radiant skin
Restores vitality to dull skin
Works against visible signs of aging
Rehydrates and firms the skin


The BIOEFFECT skin care products are designed for women (and men) who want to retain their skin’s youthful, radiant glow and demand real results from their skin care products. It is suitable for all skin types.

The active ingredient in the BIOEFFECT DAYTIME cream is the powerful EGF cellular activator, which occurs naturally in human skin where it turns on biological processes involved in maintenance of radiant looking skin. The EGF cellular activator recognizes and binds to a specific receptor on the skin cell’s surface. The receptor in turn delivers a message to the cell nucleus, the ‘control center’ of the cell, through a complex signaling cascade. In the nucleus, the message is translated into diverse cellular activities that lead to increased production of collagen and elastin and results in supple, glowing skin.

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50 ml : $140.00

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