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Spa Experience | Pepper and Cinnamon Muscle Relief (20 ml)

Use for stressed, tired and tense muscles. Infused with black pepper to warm and stimulate aching muscles.

Fusing the relaxing abilities of Pink and Black Pepper, Cinnamon Leaf, Yellow Birch and many more to provide you with an instant relief.

While keeping fit and exercising is good for your health and body, there are the unpleasant side effects of muscle pain that none of us can avoid. Even if you have spent the day standing in the office or running errands, our bodies often indicate that they need a break.

Whenever you feel discomfort you can spray onto your feet soles, base of spine and any muscle area where aching occurs. It’s the perfect way to prevent any muscle after a long tiring day at the office or an intense gym session.

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20 ml : £8.00

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