EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, we will be regularly enforcing our

No-Show/No-Call, and Late Cancelation Policies!

They are as follows:


 Late Cancelation Policy: If you cannot make your appointment(s), you must call us directly to

cancel/re-schedule at least 2 hours before your appointment(s) scheduled time. If you do not call

within the 2 hour window, you will be charged a $10.00 Late Cancelation fee.


No-Show/No-Call Policy: If you No-Show to your appointment without calling to inform us that you

will not be coming in for your scheduled service(s), (within the Late Cancelation Policy time frame), 

you will be charged 50% of the total cost of the service(s) you were booked for.

Example: If you were booked for a Gentleman's Haircut ($35.00 service) and did not show/call, you would be charged $17.50.



 *Please note that you cannot cancel your appointment(s) via our online booking system,

you must CALL the Barber Shop. If you do not get someone on the phone directly, 

please leave a message with the following information:


1. Your full name and contact number

2. The date/time your appointment(s) was scheduled for

3. Witch barber you were scheduled with, and the service(s) the appointment was for




Due to the recent increase in our business volume, we recommend booking your appointment(s) 

at least 1 week in advance, to ensure that our Barbers are able to accommodate you and your availability. 


Re-booking your next appointment during check-out the barber shop is a great way

to make sure you are able to book when, and with witch barber you'd like.





We would love for you, and your groomsmen to choose Shaving Grace Barbers

as your pre-wedding pamper,and relaxation spot! If you have 4 or more groomsmen in

you're wedding party, the Groom will receive a FREE Shaving Grace!


So that we are able to accurately block out enough

time for you,and your groomsmen's service(s),

we strongly recommend the following….


1. Booking your parties’ appointments at least 2 WEEKS IN ADVANCE!

2. An exact number of how many gentlemen are in your party

3. A definitive list of ALL services each groomsmen will be receiving

4. If you need to change the date/time of your appointment(s), or add/cancel

any service(s),call us at least a week before your parties’ appointment(s)


*Please note that if you wish to modify your parties’ appointment(s)/service(s) AFTER

they have already been booked, our barbers' schedule availability will be the 

deciding factor in being able to make adjustments. We cannot garuntee add-ons/changes.*






Thank you for your business, cooperation & understanding!

Shaving Grace Barbers-Exton: 610.524.6977
























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