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  • Facial Lounge Custom Facial $99 - $99.00/Monthly - $99.00/Initiation - can be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$198.00
    Recurring Payment:$99.00

    Facial Lounge follows/ observes a firm cancellation policy. Clients are granted a grace period to cancel (without charge) no later than 4 hours prior to any scheduled appointment. Without this 4-hour advance notice, any missed/ cancelled appointments will result in client card on file being charged for full amount of scheduled treatment. If no card on file, a monthly membership facial will be deducted

  • Waxing Membership 20 - $20.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$20.00
    Recurring Payment:$20.00

  • Waxing Membership 30 - $30.00/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$30.00
    Recurring Payment:$30.00

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