Facials Duration Price
  • 4-Layer Peel 1 hour $150.00 Book Now
    The 4-Layer Peel is recommended for hyperpigmentation and fine lines. Prior to receiving this treatment, we require that clients have received our Corrective Peel or Rezenerate Peel within the past year (ideally 4 to 6 weeks prior) so their skin is primed. The purchase of post-peeling products are also required for at-home use following the treatment. 7-10 days of peeling will occur. 50-60 minutes.
  • Corrective Peel 1 hour $130.00 Book Now
    The Corrective Peel is recommended for hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and acne. Your skin care specialist will choose the best peels for your needs. This treatment is similar to our Organic Facial, except we'll replace the facial massage and serum with multiple peels. Some flaking may occur, so follow-up products are recommended for at-home use. (Clients must have had a peel with Jessica prior to this treatment and have a committed home-care routine for best results.) 60 minutes.
  • Dermasound Facial 1 hour $130.00 Book Now
    This high-tech facial starts with a short consultation to assess the best botanically-based products for your unique skin concerns. Features professional cleansing and exfoliation, removal of blackheads or comedones (if necessary), and ultrasonic water molecules to remove dead skin and residual bacteria. Next, we use microcurrent technology to speed up collagen production and tissue healing and give a non-surgical lift to sagging skin. Facial includes an organic treatment masque with neck, shoulder, and scalp massage finished with an optional pharmaceutical-grade peel. 60 minutes.
  • Dermasound Spa Facial 1 hour 15 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    Take your Dermasound Facial to the next level! This popular treatment also includes sonophoresis to open the pathways between skin cells and allow active ingredients to penetrate up to 10,000 times deeper than with a manual massage! 75 minutes.
  • Jessica's Signature Organic Facial 1 hour 15 minutes $160.00 Book Now
    Our most comprehensive facial! Includes a customized Organic Facial with ultrasonic therapy for an extra-deep clean. Finish with a pharmaceutical grade peel (optional) and a stress-relieving Tired Foot Ritual, which features an exfoliating sugar and salt foot scrub and hot stone foot massage. 75 minutes.
  • LED Spa Facial 1 hour 15 minutes $145.00 Book Now
    As a special add-on to our Organic Facial, our Celluma LED Treatment offers a UV-free, non-invasive light therapy that’s particularly helpful for aging and acne. After your customized organic facial, you will relax under an LED panel for 15 minutes. The blue light calms inflammation and the red light enhances collagen and elastic production for improved skin tone and quality. 75 minutes.
  • Organic Facial 1 hour $110.00 Book Now
    This luxurious facial starts with a short consultation to assess the best botanically-based products for your unique skin concerns. Features professional cleansing and exfoliation, removal of blackheads or comedones (if necessary), facial massage to increase circulation, and corrective masques for your face, lips, and eyes. Finish with a penetrating serum, a nourishing moisturizer, and an invigorating scalp massage. All facials include a neck and shoulder massage with stress-relieving aromatherapy. 60 minutes.
  • Organic Facial + Peel Booster 1 hour $120.00 Book Now
    Add a Peel Booster to the end of your Organic Facial to lighten pigmentation, reduce the appearance of pore size, eliminate impurities, brighten the skin, and soften fine lines. (To take this treatment to the next level, see our Corrective Peel).60 minutes.
  • Organic Facial for Expecting Mothers 1 hour $110.00 Book Now
    Pregnancy hormones can cause unique skin concerns, including hyperpigmentation. This gentle treatment is a variation of our Organic Facial, but we mindfully remove all products containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid, both of which we recommend avoiding during pregnancy. Instead, we use gentler products and time-tested botanicals that are equally effective, along with an adjustable table for the most comfortable angle. This nourishing and corrective facial is safe for any stage of pregnancy, and it concludes with a cooling foot massage. This self-care ritual makes a wonderful gift for expectant mothers! 60 minutes.
  • Organic Facial with Tired Foot Ritual 1 hour 15 minutes $140.00 Book Now
    Finish your Organic Facial with our Tired Foot Ritual. Features an exfoliating sugar and salt foot scrub that’s dissolved with warm towels, a hot stone foot massage, and an oil application based on your body’s needs (warming or cooling). A great choice for a little extra pampering! 75 minutes.
  • Organic Facial with Warming Ginger Body Oil 1 hour 15 minutes $140.00 Book Now
    Start your Organic Facial with a full-body application of our warming ginger body oil and a hot stone foot massage. The warming oils will sink into your skin while you lay back and enjoy your facial, imparting an extra tranquil experience while increasing lymphatic flow. This oil features organic, pain-relieving essential oils, including ginger, elemi, juniper, pine, and marjoram in a jojoba base. 75 minutes.
  • Organic Teen Facial 45 minutes $90.00 Book Now
    This customized facial addresses acne in teens of all ages. It features safe, time-tested ingredients, like salicylic acid (from the willow tree), clay, and tea tree essential oils blended with balancing, soothing botanicals. Our goal is to reduce acne through the removal of blackheads or comedones (if necessary) and decrease irritation. All participants leave with customized instructions for how to take care of their skin through a healthy lifestyle, along with follow-up tips for an at-home skin care regimen (dermatologist-prescribed treatments will be factored in). 45 minutes.
  • Rezenerate Peel 1 hour $180.00 Book Now
    The Rezenerate Peel is a non-invasive, gentle alternative to microneedling that addresses fine lines and wrinkles, pigmented spots and lesions, and uneven surface texture. You must receive a Dermasound Facial with peel within one month prior to this treatment so your skin is properly primed, and we do not recommend this treatment for anyone with active acne lesions. Post-peeling products are included with this package to help with flaking after treatment. 60 minutes.
Waxing Duration Price
  • Women's Brazilian Waxing 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    A Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from “down there” to your preference. Our skin care specialists will use the highest-quality, botanically-infused products to prepare the site, prevent ingrown hairs, and soothe the skin.
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