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Cedar X® (5 ml)

During the winter months, cedar pollen can be a big problem for many in the United States. Cedar Allergy symptoms include: sneezing, congestion, coughing, headache, fatigue, and respiratory difficulties including wheezing, fever, sleeplessness and inability to focus.

Easy to Use
Contains no preservatives, dyes or synthetics
Applied topically to the skin
Clean pleasant smell
Small convenient bottle
No negative side effects
Economical: 5ml = 100 applications (.22 per application)
Safe when used as directed
Family owned Texas based company
100% money-back guarantee

Adults: (12 and older) Open bottle and hold upside down above wrist, allowing one drop of product to dispense on the wrist. Rub wrist together and gently inhale. Repeat as needed 2-4X daily. Do not exceed four drops per day. *Severe cases may require 2 -3 days of consecutive use every 4 hours to achieve desired result. If symptoms worsen reevaluate how much you are using. For optimum results one drop per dosage only is recommended.

$21.95 5ml (approximately 100 applications)

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond,**Atlas Cedar,Rosewood,*Black Spruce,*Bergamot,*Blue Tansy and **Frankincense. *Certified Organic ingredient **Wild-crafted ingredient

What is the difference between the Cedar X® and the Cedar X Formula®?

Cedar X® is a topical product applied to the skin. Many customers like the convenient size of the smaller bottle as it is easy to carry in your pocket and only takes a few seconds to apply.

Cedar X Formula® is available in a 1 or 2 oz dropper bottle and is a tasteless homeopathic formula that can be taken directly by mouth or as we recommend added to a small amount of water. We recommend using the homeopathic Cedar X Formula® for children, pets, those taking allergy shots, nursing mothers, the elderly, for children under 40 lbs, and even during pregnancy with your physician’s approval.

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5 ml : $21.95

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