Eyebrows Duration Price
  • Microblading Eyebrow MINI 1 hour 15 minutes $400.00 Book Now
    A "mini" microblading is for someone who needs a few strokes in the brow to make already good brows GREAT! This is a procedure that is recommended for someone who needs ten or so strokes in each brow.
  • Microblading FREE consult (Wednesday thru Friday only) 15 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Have you been thinking of having your brows microbladed? Come in for a complimentary consultation to learn more about your options!
  • Microblading Perfecting 2nd Treatment (Wednesday thru Friday only) 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    If you have had your brows microbladed here in the last 30-45 days, you may book your follow up for your perfecting treatment. There is no additional cost.
  • Brow Design 15 minutes $27.00 Book Now
    For the perfect shaped brow, you need to see Kathleen. She meticulously uses wax made for sensitive skin, tweezing, and her keen eye to give you the brows of your dreams!If you have sparse brows, ask about microblading!
  • Brow Lamination 30 minutes $49.00 Book Now
    Brow lamination is like a beautiful blowout for your brows!Let me style and "set" the hairs in the correct direction for BIGGER, BOLDER, FLUFFIER BROWS!Lasts about 2 months! No more brow gel needed!
  • Brow Tinting 15 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Microblading for Brows 2 hours $650.00 Book Now
    Semi-permanent procedure that deposits hair like strokes into brow area in customized shape and color.This includes consult, 1st session & 2nd perfecting session.Price ($400-$650) to be determined based on amount of work needed.Lasts +/-18 months.
  • Microblading Touch Up for Previous Clients (within 14 months) 1 hour 30 minutes $250.00 Book Now
    This touch up is for previous microbladed clients. This touch up is generally needed around the 7 month to 14 month time frame. For brow touch ups outside of the 14 month time frame, cost is $325.
Eyelashes Duration Price
  • Lash Extensions FILL 1 hour $90.00 Book Now
  • Lash Extensions FULL SET 1 hour 30 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    Lashes are chosen to enhance your eyes while keeping the health of your own lashes healthy. Variety of curls, lengths, and weights are available. Please call salon to book. 203-431-GLOW
  • Lash Lift & Tint 45 minutes $99.00 Book Now
    Open those eyes with lashes that are tinted dark and curl upwards!No more lash curler!No more straight lashes that stick out! Lookslike you got extensions but they are your OWN!Lasts about 6 weeks!
  • Lash Tinting 30 minutes $45.00 Book Now
  • Volume Lash Extensions 1 hour 45 minutes $200.00 Book Now
    BIG, VOLUME, EYE OPENING lashes!If you love the look of heavy volume, this set of lashes will do the trick!
Skin Care Duration Price
  • 20% TCA PEEL for Face, Chest, or Hands 30 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    TCA is a chemical peel applied to the skin to remove age spots, sun damage, acne scars and wrinkles.It produces permanent results with little to no down time. This peel also tightens skin, promotes collagen growth, and diminishes pores.
  • 20% TCA Peel Package of 3 30 minutes $400.00 Book Now
  • Deep Cleaning/Hydrating Facial 1 hour 15 minutes $125.00 Book Now
    Whether you need deep cleaning or hydrating, our aesthetician will perform a60 minute facial, customized for your skin care needs!
  • Dermaplaning 30 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    Dermaplaning exfoliates the skin and removes layers of dead cells along with peach fuzz or excess hair, creating baby smooth skin!$100 when added to a facial!
  • Ematrix Sublative Fractional RF Full Face 1 hour $525.00 Book Now
    The newest and most successful non-surgical treatment for skin-tightening, scar removal, stretch marks, age spots, broken capillaries! This is fine for ALL SKIN types with no worry of burning or hyper/hypo pigmentation. Price is adjusted for packages.
  • Ematrix Sublative Fractional RF Partial 45 minutes $200.00 Book Now
  • Microdermabrasion 30 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    Microdermabrasion is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin, creating a new glow, better texture, and brightness!$100 when added to a facial appointment!
  • Vi Peel Precision Plus 30 minutes $200.00 Book Now
    The Vi Peel Precision Plus is especially recommended for hyperpigmentation and scarring issues. This peel will yield results that give your skin a new beginning!Great for spots, scarring, wrinkles, and overall smoothness and tone.
Tanning Duration Price
  • *Fitness Atlantic 2020 Deposit 15 minutes $48.89 Book Now
    ATTN: Because of the date change due to the Covid-19 issue, I will honor refunds (-$10 admin fees) until 3/27/20. Pls. contact me at getglowingtan@aol.com

    Check your appointment to be sure you booked on the correct day 5/22. It is your responsibility to check your appointment. If you booked the wrong date, go back on, book the correct date and when it comes through, your first appointment booked wrong will be canceled and refunded minus $10 for administrative fees.
    $100 balance is due in cash ONLY at the event.
    Thank you for booking your tan with Get Glowing for Fitness Atlantic 2020! Please follow these simple instructions to make everything go smoothly!

    1. All information is on our website getglowing.net. Please read the specific instructions under the Fitness Atlantic tab. Many of you ask me questions that can be found right there...please read them as it makes the process go much more smoothly.
    2. Tanning will be done Friday at Mohegan Sun. There will be signs to lead you to us.
    3. Do not ask for a confirmation of your appointment. If you booked, you are confirmed and you will see the charge on your CC. You will receive a confirmation 1-2 days before the event via email so be sure you have entered your email correctly. On the email, it may give our business address in Ridgefield, CT, HOWEVER, we are at MOHEGAN SUN for your appointment.
    4. Most times after a spray tan, you rinse off 8-12 hours later. DO NOT RINSE OFF YOUR TAN, until after both shows!! Brian is very specific on the coloring he wants for the show. The color develops into a lovely bronze overnight. It is customized for all of the different skin tones.
    5. MINOR touch-ups will be done on Saturday morning from 7-8:45 ONLY! If you follow the instructions on the website, treat the tan as you should, chances are that you will not need any touch up.
    6. Water streaks, pee streaks, CANNOT BE FIXED. You should bring a bronzer and a small makeup brush so that you can touch up that area if you need to.
    7. If you are very wet at the time you get sprayed, that means you did not follow the prep instructions. If this happens, we DO NOT guarantee the results. The only reason the solution would be wet, and/or running, is because of the preparation you did, so again, PLEASE follow the instructions. If this happens to you and you want to shower and be re-sprayed, you will be charged an additional $100 due to the time you are taking for us to FIX you.
    8. In the past, the appointments have run very smoothly. We try our best to stay on time!Thank you for being patient if we do happen to get behind a few minutes or so.
    9. We may not be able to answer questions via email or telephone that week, ESPECIALLY Thursday or Friday as we are setting up for this huge production! Again, if you have a question, the answer can be found on our website. If any emergency arises and you can't make your appointment or are running late, do not call us. Show up as timely as possible and we will do our best to get you in!!
    10. ALL of our airbrushing technicians are super qualified and very nice and we want you to relax and enjoy your entire weekend! We understand the stress you may be under and we will do our best to make the spray tanning experience stress free for you!
    Thank you so much and we can't wait to see all of you WINNERS!!
  • Competition Tan at SALON Location ONLY 15 minutes $135.00 Book Now
    We have years of experience spraying at events for the WBFF, IBFF, NPC, Ballroom Dancing etc. We can determine the correct color based on your event and your category.
  • Custom Signature Full Body 15 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    Our solutions are organic and perfect for the most particular client…they produce the most beautiful golden brown color with the LONGEST lasting results!!
    Customized for your skin tone (extra fair to dark) and the look you want.
  • Custom Signature Half-Body 15 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Our solutions are organic and perfect for the most particular client…they produce the most beautiful golden brown color with the LONGEST lasting results!!
    Customized for your skin tone (extra fair to dark) and the look you want.
  • Custom Signature Package of 5 15 minutes $225.00 Book Now
    These sessions save you money and can be shared with a friend!
  • RAPID Spray Package of 5 15 minutes $300.00 Book Now
    Packages save you money!No expiration date and you can share with a friend!!
  • RAPID TAN Full-Body/Shower in as little as 1 HOUR 15 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Spray, wait one hour and shower! 1 hour will develop into a light tan, 2 hours will be medium and 3 hours will be darker. No need to sleep with solution on any longer!
  • RAPID TAN HALF-Body/Shower in as little as 1 HOUR 15 minutes $35.00 Book Now
  • STELA Super Bronze Full Body 15 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Summer is here and so is our newest solution for the deepest bronze ever! Try our STELA custom spray tan, wake up the next day looking like a Caribbean goddess!
  • STELA Super Bronze Half- Body 15 minutes $35.00 Book Now
    Get that Stela Half-Body spray for the deepest bronze from the waist up or waist down!
Waxing Duration Price
  • Full Arms 30 minutes $40.00 Book Now
  • Full Legs 30 minutes $70.00 Book Now
  • Half Legs 15 minutes $35.00 Book Now
  • Men's Chest or Back 30 minutes $60.00 Book Now
  • Men's Full Arms 30 minutes $50.00 Book Now
  • Men's Full Legs 30 minutes $80.00 Book Now
  • Men's Half Legs 15 minutes $40.00 Book Now
  • Men's Underarm 15 minutes $25.00 Book Now
  • Underarm 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
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