Coaching Duration Price
  • Health Coaching Session 45 minutes $100.00 Book Now
Facials Duration Price
  • Book Facial: Signature 1 hour $125.00 Book Now
    Our Signature facial boosts cell regeneration and collagen development for younger-looking skin. Facial massage reduces anxiety, uplifts mood, and activates hundreds of pressure points in the face to induce a relaxing response.Deep cleansing can help enhance your glow with exfoliation, steam, face masks, and facial massage. Facials can help rid of toxins and waste that build up causing dull skin and frequent breakouts. Skin Care is Self Care. Your skin is a reflection of what is happening in mind, body and spirit.Consider our $89 Monthly Facial Program!

  • Book Glow Facial (Microneedling + 6% Retinol) 1 hour $350.00 Book Now
    Microneedling meets up with 6% Retinol Peel to improve tone and texture creating plump luminous skin! You will also receive a PCA Post Peel Kit.
  • Book Hello Sunshine Facial Light Sensi-Peel 1 hour $275.00 Book Now
    Hello Sunshine Facial Includes:

    A tropical mask blended with mango and pineapple to tighten pores and brighten skin. Dermaplane for exfoliation.

    With your choice of 6% Retinol peel -or- a lighter sensi peel
  • Book Pumpkin Facial 1 hour $175.00 Book Now
    This exhilarating treatment breaks down dead skin particles to remove debris and actively exfoliates the skin leaving it bright with a luminous glow. These “active enzymes” are extracted from the peel of the pumpkin, the inner Pumpkin filling, or the seeds.
  • Dermaplane + Land and Sea Mineral Mask 1 hour $175.00 Book Now
    Achieve a beautiful summer glow with- Dermaplaning for exfoliation, combined with a powerful Sea Mineral Mask consisting of CBD, Spirulina, Sea Kelp, and Irish Moss paired with a Mineral-Rich Ocean Complex source the Dead Sea.
    Luminous Glow Finish
    Acne Fighting
Medical Spa Treatments Duration Price
  • Book BOTOX or Dermal Filler Appointment 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Prices range based on the number of BOTOX units ($12/unit) and syringes of filler ($600-$800 + tax per syringe). Injectables include BOTOX, Jeauvea, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Vollure, and Voluma. These products are injected by Dr. Jyoti Patel ONLY and the price is determined by the amount of product injected at the time of service.
  • Book Chemical Peel 30 minutes $200.00 Book Now
    Prices Vary Based On The Depth Of The Peel: Starting at $200. Chemical peels can be light, medium, or deep to gently exfoliate the skin for brighter, fresher, youthful-looking skin. Our esthetician will customize your peel based on your skin conditions and skin type.
  • Book Dermaplaning 45 minutes $100.00 Book Now
    Dermaplaning is a non-invasive skin care procedure that exfoliates the surface layers of the skin and reduces the appearance of deep, 'pitted' acne scars, resulting in a smoother more even complexion. While dermaplaning is similar to dermabrasion, it differs in several important ways. While dermabrasion lessons the appearance of fine wrinkles and scars, dermaplaning is designed to treat the small, but deep scars that sometimes result from cystic acne. Gentler versions of dermaplaning are sometimes used as exfoliating or hair removal treatments.
  • Book E2 Sublative 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Prices range from $225-$675 based on the size of the treatment. Sublative utilizes fractionated bi-polar radio frequency that targets the upper layer of the skin to treat superficial imperfections like acne scars, pigment and wrinkles
  • Book Follow Up Without Service 15 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • Book Kybella 30 minutes $1,200.00 Book Now
    Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable procedure for the permanent reduction of submental neck fat or 'double chin'. Kybella is injected by Dr. Patel into the fat pad in a series of 3-4 treatments to permanently dissolve the fat for a sculpted jawline.
  • Book Laser Hair Removal 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Prices range from $20-$400 based on the size of the treatment. Gentle Max Pro is the leading Hair Removal Laser in the country. Permanent Laser Hair Reduction typically takes 6-8 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. We look forward to providing you with excellent care!
  • Book Microneedling 1 hour 15 minutes $250.00 Book Now
    Microneedling works by stimulating the production of new collagen in the skin. This achieved by puncturing the dermis with microscopic needles. The treatment utilizes the skin's ability to heal itself, in turn triggering the production of new collagen.
  • Book New Client Consultation 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • Book Skin Classic Lesion Removal 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Prices range from $75-$400 based on the size of the treatment. Easy, quick removal of skin lesions, skin tags, brown spots, fibromas such as Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Millia, Cherry Angioma, Skin Tag, Clogged Pores, Broken Capillaries, Fibroma, and Keratosis.
  • Book Upper Lip Wax 30 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Book Venus 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Prices range from $200-$500 based on the size of the treatment. The Venus Freeze is a revolutionary treatment which is highly effective in circumference reduction, improving cellulite, skin tightening and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Venus Freeze uses pulsed magnetic fields, which provide you with the added benefits of increased oxygen, nutrients and blood to the skin – giving it an immediate and long lasting glow.
Spa Duration Price
  • Book a Chemical Peel and Dermaplane 1 hour $250.00 Book Now
    For the month of April book an

    Advanced Chemical Peel+ Dermaplane

    Includes Free PCA Post Procedure Peel Kit
  • Book A Cherry Chocolate Facial 1 hour $200.00 Book Now
    Promotes Deep Hydration
    Relieve the Surface Signs of Aging
    Skin Brightening
    Vitamin E Antioxidant
    Includes Dermaplane

    Enjoy the benefits of two perfecting masks: A cherry enzyme and a dark chocolate mint mask.
  • Book A Hydrating Winter Facial 6% Retinol Peel 1 hour $325.00 Book Now
    Hydrating Winter Facial

    Enjoy this hydrating and nourishing skin treatment with a
    6% Retinol peel.
  • Book A Perfection Lift Forte Peel 30 minutes $300.00 Book Now
    Chemical Peel + Retinol Serum Booster + PCA Post Peel Procedure Kit

    (valued at $350)
    This chemical peel is a concentrated blend of active exfoliants, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and resorcinol to work synergistically and effectively to reduce the appearance of advanced aging, pigmentation and acne. Followed with the Retinol Serum Booster for extra exfoliation. Complimentary PCA Post Procedure Kit for after care.
  • Book A Red Carpet Ready Facial and Dermaplaning 1 hour $398.00 Book Now
    This facial has 4 different treatments in one! It starts off with an Enzymatic Mask to help remove surface buildup, then Dermaplaning to remove vellus hair and any remaining cellular buildup, followed by our Detoxifying Pore Treatment to clear pores of debris, then our Oxygenating Trio that helps promote circulation and skin renewal, followed by corrective serums to help tighten and brighten the skin!

    1. Enzymatic Mask
    2. Dermaplanning
    3. Detoxifying Pore Treatment
    4. Oxygenating Trio

  • Book a Summer Glow Facial and Lite Peel 1 hour $220.00 Book Now
    Become summertime ready with a brightening treatment, a lite chemical peel, and the PCA activator, detoxifier to increase blood flow, detox the skin, and remove bacteria.
  • Book A Valentines Date Night Facial and Dermaplane 1 hour $200.00 Book Now
    Signature hour facial + Dermaplane + Aromatherapy+ Gift Bag

    (Valued at $350)

    Become date night ready with a relaxing facial from our esthetician Destiny. She combines a valentines day themed facial, dermaplane for exfoliation, and Lavander-citrus aromatherapy for ultimate relaxation. Receive a Nugenisis sample gift bag with purchase.

  • Book IPL Large Area 1 hour $250.00 Book Now
    Helps reduce signs of sun damage, minimize rosacea or hyper pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines an wrinkles. Also improves skin texture and tone.
  • Book IPL Small Area 30 minutes $150.00 Book Now
    Helps reduce signs of sun damage, minimize rosacea or hyper pigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines an wrinkles. Also improves skin texture and tone.
Wellness or Integrative Duration Price
  • Book Inbody Body Analysis With Consult 15 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    The InBody Composition analysis provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance with measurement of muscle mass, fat %, water weight, visceral fat, and metabolic rate. It's a great way to have a fitness goal that doesn't focus on just weight loss!
  • Book IV Therapy 1 hour 15 minutes $200.00 Book Now
    Prices range from $150-$250 based on the customization of the Intravenous Nutrition treatment. Choose an Intravenous Nutrition Therapy from our preset menu or a customized nutritional drip to replace key nutrients to restore health, energy, and vitality.
  • Book Mental Wellness Visit with Julie Rake 1 hour 30 minutes $300.00 Book Now
    Our Integrative Mental Wellness Provider, Julie Rake specializes in Mind Body Healing. MBH supports a whole body approach to utilizing multiple fields of medicine, various healing modalities, mind-body medicine and nutritional sciences. Julie’s special areas in coping with grief and loss, teaching mind-body spiritual counseling.
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