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AGELESS Longevity Serum (1.35 fl oz)

Anyone showing signs of aging do to environmental stress, i.e., sun, exposure to high tech devices (computers and smart phones), and poor food choices (too much sugar, browned foods and non-foods).

Today’s volatile environment offers new challenges to the health and longevity of our skin. This serum tames damage from high intensity blue light from computers and smart phones. It neutralizes AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products) from sugar and browned foods that stiffen collagen - leading to spots and wrinkles. It provides architectural peptides that take devitalized, age-ravaged skin and improves its firmness and density.

AGELESS Longevity Serum is an exceptional treatment that addresses all concerns of aging using innovative ingredients as well as gold standard antioxidants and architectural peptides. It gives both immediate and long-term results: including smoothness, plumpness, firmer skin and a more even skin tone.

Matrixyl® Synthe’6 - an advanced peptide that builds elasticity and firmness by fortifying collagen and elastin and redensifying the skin’s architecture.
Niacinamide - a great multitasking form of Vitamin B3 which stimulates anti-aging reparative energy and boosts barrier protective ceramides. Both are great for sensitive and stressed skin. It’s also a tyrosinase inhibitor, inhibiting melanin transfer for more even pigmentation.
Photo-Melanin - a plant derived defense system, shielding skin from aging blue light given off from smartphones, tablets, computers and other sources of High Energy Visible Light. HEV light may be even more damaging than UV rays from the sun.
Red Algae - provides protection against Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). This type of aging, due to an over consumption of carbohydrates, allows sugar molecules to attach to collagen fibers - triggering a rigidity that leads to dullness and wrinkles.
Swiss Garden Cress - a liposomal plant extract which protects skin against pollution by activating cellular detoxification.

To protect against environmental damage - Apply 2-3 pumps, morning or night - alone or following other serums in your anti-aging regime. In the morning apply after STEM STIM or C & E Antioxidant Serum. At night, best when applied over clean, freshly exfoliated skin. Apply following retinol, AHAs or STEM STIM growth factors and before moisturizer.

1.35 fl oz : $129.50

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