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ZEN ZONE (1 fl oz)


Is your skin out of balance? Does it feel tight, reactive, irritated or just gets red way too easily? Finally, a product has been developed to quiet your sensitive skin. Zen Zone is a soothing milky repair serum which instantly calms as it encourages moisture to bathe sensitive skin in sedative ingredients. As it calms, your skin starts feeling fresh and more comfortable. Over time it becomes stronger and more resilient. You'll even notice stress related pigmentation starts to fade, giving way to a more even and beautiful complexion.

SepiCalm: a patented ingredient made from a combination of Sodium Palmitoyl Proline (a skin strengthening amino acid) and
Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract (a water lily flower with antiseptic and skin brightening qualities). This combination reduces stress, is an inflammation modulator, a skin lightener, and is great for sensitive skin uses. SepiCalm works wonders to soothe the skin and decrease stress related hyperpigmentation for a brighter, more even tone. We then combine SepiCalm with Seawhip (a powerful anti-inflammatory) to create the ideal association for perfectly calm skin.

1 fl oz : $50.50

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