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EyeLift Brightening Creme (0.5 fl oz)

firming, lifting, brightening

Newly reformulated EyeLift Brightening Creme by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics recognizes that today's most effective eye creams are lighter in texture. They are designed expressly to manipulate through the tiny pores around the eyes, bringing with them exceptional targeted ingredients which treat and hydrate this delicate thinner area. The foremost anti-aging eye treatment for promoting younger looking skin, this formula is based on high performance action ingredients in this feather light formula.

Key Ingredients:

Oligopeptides - Provien Ingredient with clinical testing that shows a 44.9% reduction of wrinkles, 6.6% increased lifting effect & 14.4% reduction in roughness within 2 months of daily use.

Alpha Lipoic Acid – a well-known natural antioxidant which provides impressive age fighting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vitamin K – Helps with repairing capillary leakage connected to insufficient micro-circulation, that contributes to dark circles.

Co-Q10 – a vitamin like nutrient known as a “cellular energy source” to help boost metabolic activity for younger acting skin.

Shitake Mushroom Extract - known for it’s immune boosting and anti-bacterial properties and has been recently used as a melanin inhibitor to help reduce dark pigmentation.

0.5 fl oz : $49.50

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