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Getting Even (Exfoliating Serum) (0.5 ml)

An exfoliating serum to correct environmental imperfections.

Part of the Un-Sun Heroes Collection by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics. Getting Even is a synergistic combination of advanced AHA's and skin brighteners submerged in an effective delivery system for maximum results in decreasing environmental aging. Pigmentation is the most difficult photo-aging imperfection. To treat it effectively one has to exfoliate daily without causing inflammation; keep skin well hydrated: avoid the sun and heat; and apply effective amounts of a broad spectrum sunscreen.

Getting Even is an exfoliating serum based on Lactic and Glycolic Acids which are combined with a special protein that calms the skin and helps reduce inflammation. It's important to achieve maximum exfoliation to lighten pigmentation, but if you're using a product that inflames your skin you are encouraging post traumatic hyper-pigmentation, which just exacerbates the problem you are trying to resolve.

Lactic Acid - Gentle and hydrating AHA based on milk extracts which are effective for brightening the skin.
Glycolic Acid - Time-release exfoliant based on sugar extracts which dissolve the glue that retains dead dull, pigmented skin cells. It is greatly hydrating and penetrates deeply to reduce clogged pores.
White Tea Extract: calming and skin-fortifying ingredient that provides strong anti-aging antioxidant benefits.

Smooth, light gel which easily glides over the skin. Some initial tingling may occur and is normal.

Apply 1-2 pumps, 2-3 times a week depending on skin thickness. For best results apply nightly on a clean and freshly toned skin. Wait one minute for the product to be absorbed. Follow with a repair serum and night cream.

0.5 ml : $39.50

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