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Revitalize Cell Therapy (1.7 fl oz, 32.75 )

Cellular energy booster for devitalized, sluggish, maturing skin.

ATP is the energy molecule of our cells. Unfortunately we lose energy over time. It's kind of like a car that's run our of gas. Going nowhere, your skin loses it's ability to repair itself, or even maintain normal metabolic functions that keep skin cells in homeostasis (a healthy balance). By the time you are 60 years old you only produce about half the energy you produced at 30. This means it takes longer for cell turnover to occur, giving free radicals the opportunity to create damage. Activate the youthful nature of your skin by addressing energy levels. With a loss of energy your stem cells tend to go to sleep over time. By waking up sleepy stem cells you energize the skin to repair damage in both the dermis and epidermis. It creates new surface cells for a smoother texture. In the dermis it helps collagen production, giving skin volume and enhanced firmness.

Hydrolyzed Algin - A specialized seaweed (an extremophile) which creates a revitalized environment to awaken skin's dormant cells.
Piptadenia Colubrina - increases little channels in cell membranes that allow moisture to get in and super hydrate the cell.
Japanese Knotweed - A rich source of resveratrol; to stimulates cell recycling, which eliminates older sluggish cells.
Ergothioneine - The cell's main energizing antioxidant, to restore power to cells while fighting free radicals.

Jump start this youth promoting treatment by smoothing 3 pumps over clean skin at night, before moisturizer.

Does not contain parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, synthetic dyes or artificial fragrance. Cruelty free.

1.7 fl oz, 32.75 : $150.50

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