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Seawhip Soothing Lotion (2 fl oz)

For oily, sensitive skin (moisturizer) or dry, sensitive skin (serum)

This lightweight, deeply moisturizing fluid supports the repair of protective biolipids in sensitive skin. Calming plant extracts, including algae, soothe redness, while targeted antioxidants control signs of aging that appear earlier than normal in sensitive skin due to chronic inflammation. Dermatologist tested for irritants and sensitivity, this lotion will keep skin soft and moist.

Sea Whip - provides the most potent soothing and anti-inflammatory action of all sea plants
Whole Cell Green Tea - contains antioxidant and capillary-strengthening properties that subdue signs of inflammation and aging
Bisabolol - a calming antioxidant derived from German Chamomile

2 fl oz : $62.50

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