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Moisture Infusion Creme (1.7 fl oz)

For oily, combination or dehydrated skin

Moisture infusion is a "smart moisturizer" that adjusts to the needs of your skin without adding heavy oils that might clog the pores. Moisture Infusion gives oily, dehydrated skin around-the-clock hydration creating a fresh, smooth complexion. Combination skin enjoys balancing and protection with this all-day treatment formula. European studies prove that the balancing ingredient in this buttery, yet greaseless creme works with the skin’s natural moisturizing factors to normalize skin in only 15 days. Feel fresh, not tight.

Farnesol - shown to provide skin-balancing properties
Dimethicone - provides a non-clogging, breathable barrier
Stabilized Vitamins A, C and E - effective antioxidants
Wheat Germ Glyceride - a calming, soothing humectant that encourages a moisture reservoir in the skin

A light, buttery cream. Goes on smooth, never sticky.

Smooth on a small amount over freshly cleansed and toned skin. For best results use after an exfoliating or hydrating serum.

1.7 fl oz : $48.50

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