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Glycolic Serum 15% (1 fl oz)

To smooth skin and clear pores

Glycolic Serum 15% by Elizabeth Renee Esthetics is a non-drying Glycolic Acid-based AHA serum that clears away dead surface skin cells, diminishing large pores and breakouts. Your skin will be noticeably clearer and post-breakout marks will be visibly improved. At the same time its anti-aging benefits result in smoother, healthy-looking skin as it softens lines and improves the texture of your skin. This gentle but effective formula is one of our best-selling products. Its cold-processed Aloe Vera base makes it much less drying than most Glycolic Serums on the market.

Glycolic Acid - dissolves the glue that sticks old, worn-out cells to the skin as it boosts cell metabolism to help the skin to repair itself.
Whole leaf Aloe Vera - This non-drying base provides healing nutrients for the skin.

*This serum does not contain alcohol, parabens, dyes or artificial fragrances so it's safe for sensitive skin.

This silky serum is clear with a slight milky cast, a light grapefruit scent and feels very sheer when applied. (A slight tingling sensation is normal.)

1 fl oz : $48.50

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