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Peptide Protection SPF 30 (1.75 fl oz)

For anti-aging moisture and sun protection

Peptide Protection SPF30 offers powerful protection for sun-sensitive skin wanting anti-aging benefits. This powerful, anti-aging daytime moisture helps increase micro-circulation, decrease puffiness, strengthen capillary walls to reduce redness, and reinforce the structure and flexibility of collagen and elastin for a more resilient, youthful complexion. Peptide Protection SPF 30 is enriched with broad-spectrum sunscreen agents to protect against future damage from UV exposure.

•Protects skin from premature aging and environmental stress
•Increases micro-circulation for healthy, glowing skin
•Reinforces the structure of collagen and elastin
•Squalane nourishes and maintains skin's moisture levels
•Provides broad-spectrum protection against UV rays

1.75 fl oz : $51.50

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