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  • 1 Year Total Relaxation Membership - $55.99/Monthly - $25.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$80.99
    Recurring Payment:$55.99

    1 Year Total Relaxation Membership Offering a 1 year commit with additional monthly benefits for members of the program. Because of the steep discounts that this program offers, you cannot share this membership.

  • The Total Relaxation Membership - Current - $55.99/Monthly - $0.00/Initiation - can be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$55.99
    Recurring Payment:$55.99

    onth-to-Month Membership Agreement – Monthly Installments Payment Terms Monthly installments for The Spa Lounge Total Relaxation Massage membership shall be $55.99 each and will be automatically debited from the member’s registered credit/debit card. The payment is debited monthly on the same day of each month as the first payment (this is the sign-up date). The monthly charges will continue automatically each month until the termination of the membership. In exchange for your monthly membership you will be receive 1 Total relaxation massage each month, 1 Classic European facial, OR One Deluxe Spa Lounge Pedicure each month. Any additional services These benefits will roll over each month and accrue as long as your membership remains active. Your benefits remain active until you cancel your membership at which point you will have 60 days to use your accrued benefits. As part of the membership you will also get 20% off of all additional services the month the membership is active and 15% off of all products. EXAMPLE #1: o Sign-up/First Payment on 10/11/17 o First Automatic Payment charged on 11/11/17 Membership Freeze This membership may be temporarily frozen for up to 90 days. The contract freeze will stop automatic payments scheduled during the period of the freeze from being charged and will also suspend all membership benefits during the same period. A $10 Freeze Fee is charged during the Freeze period. Automatic payments will continue immediately following the period of the contract freeze, as will full membership benefits. All requests for membership freeze must be submitted to The Spa Lounge management at least 10 days in advance of the requested freeze start date. EXAMPLE #2: o Sign-up/First Payment on 10/11/16 o First Automatic Payment charged on 11/11/16 o 60 Day freeze is requested on 5/13/16 and processed on 5/23/16 o Automatic payments of $55.99 will not be schedule for payment during the Freeze and a $10 fee will be charged until the Freeze is canceled. o All membership benefits stop accruing o All membership benefits are no longer active. o Accrued Membership Benefits remain active but are not eligible use during the freeze o Removal of the freeze reinstates the membership and all benefits become active o Termination of the agreement during the freeze period initiates the 60 day accrued benefits usage window. Termination All termination requests must be done in person and 30 days’ notice must be given in order to cancel the membership. Once we have received and completed your request for cancellation the next scheduled monthly charge and all those that were to follow will be cancelled. Membership will be valid until, but not on, the date of the first cancelled payment; after that date, all member benefits, including unused guest passes, will also be cancelled. EXAMPLE #3: o Sign-up/First Payment on 10/11/12 o First Automatic Payment charged on 11/11/12 o Membership cancellation is requested on 5/13/13 and processed on 5/23/13 o A $40 cancellation fee will be charged on 5/23/13, the date of cancellation. o The automatic payment scheduled for 6/11/13 and all subsequent automatic payments will NOT be charged. o Membership benefits continue until 6/10/13 (the expiration date) By signing below, I agree to be bound the terms of payment detailed in this document. I also certify that I have reviewed, understood, and agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions described above. In addition, I certify that I am of sound mental condition/state, sufficient legal age, and proper legal authority to enter into and be bound by this agreement in the state of Utah.

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