The Anti-Constipation and Colonic Guru, Doody Free Girl provides support and an unsurpassed therapy designed to lighten your load! Gravity colonics (aka high colonics) are the most gentle, yet effective method of colon irrigation available. A safe, welcoming and immaculately clean environment awaits you and your bowels. 

For optimal results, please stick to a vegan diet as best you can days leading up to treatment. This means no meat or dairy! We want to get things moving, so eat plenty of natural fiber in the form of salads, veggies, avocados, green smoothies, acai bowls, quinoa, millet, bananas, berries, dried fruit, and drink plenty of H2O.

The day of your colonic, please fast three hours prior to treatment and refrain from drinking any fluids at least one hour prior to treatment so that you do not experience a full bladder during the treatment. I also suggest that you stick to a liquid fast post treatment for at least few hours. Optimally, you will juice fast for the remainder of the day to give your digestion a rest. 

So don't make any big dinner plans the day of your colonic! If you decide to eat, you will want to eat very lightly, eating primarily cooked vegetarian foods that digest easily or a fruit bowl if you don't have any sugar issues (I suggest any type of melon because they digest the fastest and are very hydrating). After all, we will have disturbed the bacterial balance in your gut, so you don't want to overwork your microbiome while it's acclimating to its cleaner environment! 

Replenishment after a colonic is critical. Stay hydrated after your treatment and make sure to purchase Metagenics probiotics (20% discount is reflected at checkout and an additional 20% is applied to your first order) to repopulate your gut with beneficial flora, which strengthen your immune system and ward off obesity (for real!). 

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