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Acne Bundle #1

Get Clear Fast: AKA "I want to be clear, like, yesterday!"

• 30-minute Virtual Consultation: educate, assess, and recommend
• Sensitive, Green, or Extra Strength Facial Cleanser
• Ice Pop
• Toner
• Coola or PTR SPF
• Choice of Scrub: Benzoyl Peroxide or Gentle Polishing
• pHresh Correction Pads, Glycolic Acid, Brightening Serum or Vitamin A Gel
• BPO or Peeling Lotion
• Oil-Free, Collagen Peptide, or Hyaluronic Moisturizer
• Biological or Therapeutic Mask
• Micell Vitamin A Drops
• Shipping/Handling of product included

*Sales Tax is not included.

Bundle programs are only available in conjunction with Virtual Consultations and are not available for in-clinic purchase.

All products within bundles will last 4+ months.

Medicated products last 4 months before losing potency, others will continue to work.

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Special Bundle Price:

*Once purchased a Corrective Skincare LA team member will be in touch via email to set up your Virtual Consultation.

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: $365.00

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