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Carasoin Cold Fusion Intense Moisture (60 ml)

Carasoin Cold Infusion Moisturiser provides the skin with high concentrations of Vitamins: A, C, E & D. It is rich in Omega 3, 6 & 9 which are essential to generate healthy cells, maintain a protective barrier and increases overall hydration.
The name ‘Cold Infusion’ stems from our proprietary processing, which is all done below 65 °F. Every ingredient is cold pressed and not a single Vitamin, Bioflavonoid, Nutrient or Enzyme is ever ‘coked out’ or genetically altered.
Other Benefits:
The Carasoin Cold Infusion melts at 85-90 °F; just below the normal body temperature. The whip- like cream turns into a liquid at the skins own temperature to allow deepest absorption without any blockage of pores.

Virtually all other creams and moisturisers are filled with synthetics and other fillers to allow for easy global shipping so temperature concerns do not apply while in transit or storage. However when the product does not melt until 130 °F, a solid residue is left on the skin (Human body temp 98 °F) which will not only block pores and add to a toxic build up but also the absorption of beneficial ingredients is greatly limited.

Due to the recent national press coverage it can take up to two weeks to fulfill new orders. We are still taking orders and they will be processed in the order they were received, and full tracking details will be sent as soon as it is shipped.

Please also not that due to the ingredients being entirely cold pressed and to maintain the product's unique formulation, if you live in a state where the temperature is over 85 degrees, there additional charges for expedited/upgraded shipping with dry ice.

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60 ml : $120.00

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