Hair Care Duration Price
  • VISUAL CUTTING CONCEPTS PROGAM 8 hours $500.00 Book Now
Hair Color Duration Price
  • Consultation Colour Services 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
Hair Extensions Duration Price
  • Consultation Hair Extensions 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Interested in seeing us for your complimentary consultation? This is the first step to having your new hair! Consultations determine which color, method, and package will be best for your specific hair concern. Choose this selection if you require hair replacement services! See you soon!
  • Men's Hair Replacement - Consultation 45 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • Trichology Consultation 45 minutes $50.00 Book Now
    At TE, Megan is our licensed Trichologist. During your initial consultation (which usually lasts an hour), Megan will discuss any medical history that you may have including other topics like diet, stress levels, lifestyle and current hair care regime. She will also examine your hair and scalp and carry out a detailed hair analysis, using our scoping system. After consultation is complete, Megan will explain any identifications made, and will happily answer any questions you may have including prognosis and treatment plan based on your concerns, desires & lifestyle. This may include micro-needling & laser treatments, hair restoration programs, hair replacement systems, hair extensions, topicals, and an array of other synergistic options.
    Price: 50.00, which goes towards the cost of a program within 30 days of consultation.
    **Please note that Megan lives in Edmonton and travels to Calgary 3 days per month. You can book with Megan during her monthly visits.
  • Women's Hair Replacement - Consultation 45 minutes $0.00 Book Now
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