Thank you for choosing to book your services with us.

Please respect the time we reserve for your visit and arrive on-time to avoid fees, rescheduling and pre-payment status. 

CANCELLATIONS & No Shows  (Less than 8 hour notice)

We do not accept E-Mails, a phone call is required 425 883-1006                                               

1. You will become a pre pay client if you do not call or leave us a phone message 8 hours before your scheduled appt time.                                         

2. $15 No-Show FEE will be added to your next visit.

LATE ARRIVAL POLICY (Our Salon Reserves 30 minutes per appt.)

1.We will accommodate late arrivals up to 5 minutes past your appointment time.

2. If you are more than 5 minutes late, we will likely ask you to reschedule.

Until June 30th, Brat Pack staff and customers are still required to wear masks prior. The ONLY exception is for children UNDER the age of 3. 

After June 30th, we encourage ALL unvaccinated clients (parents & kids) to wear masks while in our salon. Vaccinated staff may choose to wear a mask and unvaccinated staff will be required to wear a mask.


Thank you for scheduling with us, we look forward to your visit.

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