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  • BFF Membership - $75.00/Monthly - $50.00/Initiation - can be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$125.00
    Recurring Payment:$75.00

    Membership Package - $50 Non-Refundable One time Registration Fee & $75.00 per month Member is entitled to 1 of the following monthly & 10% off the purchase of additional spa services or spa retail purchases. a. One European Facial; or b. One Photo-facial IPL; or c. One No Down Time Peel; or d. One Laser Hair Removal Medium; or e. One DermalInfusion Express; or f. One Lash Lift 360; or g. One Clear Mind Aromatherapy; or h. One Body Firming Treatment;or • Membership dues will be recurred and charged to your designated credit card on the 1st of every month. • Services can be redeemed by friends and family upon client's email request. • Services can be rolled over to future months if not rendered, up to a year. • Members can FREEZE their membership up to 6 months (no recurring charges during freeze term). Membership may be unfrozen at anytime with email or written notices to the spa. Without reinstating notice at the end of freeze term, membership will be considered canceled and inactive. New activation fee will be applied as a new membership is activated. • Member can CANCEL membership for future month services anytime with call/email or written notices to the spa. A minimum of 3 months payments history required before canceling (Must be an active member for 3 months) - Can not cancel within the first 3 months of sign up. (Must be 7 days prior to conclusion of current Membership month.)

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