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Soothing Toner (8 fl oz, Blue)

For: Sensitive & Blotchy

ÀTOI Soothing Toner immediately and gently calms the skin, removing irritation and redness and leaving the skin even and restored.

Honey (France) Nourishes, invigorates and detoxifies the skin

ÀTOI Cleansing Toner should be used Morning and Night following last application of ÀTOI Cleansing Milk. Most effective when used 2-3 times consecutively.

Pour ÀTOI Cleansing Toner onto cotton and apply onto face and neck using light upward movements avoiding eye area. Allow last application of Cleansing Toner to air dry to tighten pores for smoother skin. Follow with ÀTOI Day or Night, and Eye Cream.

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8 fl oz, Blue : $30.50

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