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M’lis All-Natural Weight Loss


Drop it like it's hot and jump into body-slimming benefits with each and every one of the enclosed 28 weight loss packets. This waist-trimming cocktail mixes-in all of the necessary ingredients you need to safely drop unwanted pounds faster - giving you visible, long-lasting, body-loving results.

7-Keto DHA
A metabolism-boosting and fat-burning powerhouse, 7-Keto DHA helps to improve lean body mass, trim the bulge from your belly and promote increased energy levels. **7-Keto DHA is a non-hormonal metabolite.

Extra Strength Tonalin CLA
CLA is the quick way to say Conjugate Linoleic Acid. The quick way to describe how you feel when it speeds up weight loss and keeps fat cells from getting bigger is simply a smile.

Appetite Appeaser and Suppressant
This proprietary blend helps reduce your calorie intake and waistline by suppressing immediate “feed me now” urges-PLUS-appeasing the appetite all day long by stabilizing blood sugar levels.

Green Coffee Bean Extract
These unroasted beans turn up the heat on fatty deposits. Containing chlorogenic acid, each bean encourages the body to use unwanted fat for energy. You’ll get slimmer and have more energy to show it off!

Raspberry Ketones
Behind their amazing natural flavor and scent, raspberry ketones en

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