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  • Wax-A-Holic

    Applied to these services:
    Arms: Full Arm Wax: Men, Arms: Half Arm Wax: Men, Back: Full back Men, Back: Lower Back Wax: Men, Bikini: Deep Speedo Wax: Men, Bikini: Manzilian Wax: Men, Butt Crack Wax: Men, Back: Upper Back Wax: Men, Buttocks Wax: Men, Face: Ear Wax: Men, Full Chest Wax: Men, Face: Eyebrows Wax: Men, Legs: Full Leg Wax: Men, Legs: Lower Leg Wax: Men, Legs: Upper Leg Wax: Men, Face: Neck Wax: Men, Shoulders Wax: Men, Stomach: Abdomen Wax Men, Underarm Wax: Men, Face: Forehead Wax: Women, Bikini: Itsy Bitsy Bikini Wax: Women, Bikini: Pre-Natal Bikini Wax: Women, Bikini: Quickzilian Brazilian Wax: Women, Legs: Full Leg Wax: Women, Underarm Wax: Women, Bikini: Belini Bikini Wax: Women, Stomach Strip Wax: Women, Stomach Wax: Women, Face: Neck Wax: Women, Legs: Upper Leg Wax: Women, Legs: Lower Leg Wax: Women, Face: Eyebrows Wax: Women, Chest Wax: Women, Buttocks Wax: Women, Back: Upper Back Wax: Women, Bikini: Classic Bikini Line Wax: Women, Butt Crack Wax: Women, Back: Lower Back Wax: Women, Back: Full Back Wax: Women, Arms: Half Arm Wax: Women, Arms:Full Arm Wax: Women
    Oct 1, 2021 - Dec 31, 2025
    10% off waxing services on wax-a-holic days *promo can not be combined with any other discount or promo and not applicable on wax patches.
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