We are a full service salon offering the latest and greatest of technologies, services, and quality products.  We have created an environment where you can feel comfortable and confident that each and everytime you book with us you will get the kind of service you were hoping for.  We are a consious salon and choose products that are less carcinogenic.  We expect great results from all of our products and each product that is used in our salon goes thru a beta testing process.  We search for companies that can service our salon and insure that products are available.  Products we are using are being manufactured with the highest quality of ingredients and can produce great results using less carcenogenic ingredients.  Last but not least, products we know will be less harmful to you our customer, the staff that uses them, and our environment.  We thank you for visiting us, and we look forward to hearing your feedback as we embark on our journey to serve you.


Vicky Anderson

Adhara Salon & Spa

Our booking site is new, if you experience any difficulties please do not hesitate to call we are available to answer any questions:   208-964-4264

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