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BPO Scrub (8 oz)

DESCRIPTION: A cleanser designed to gently exfoliate dead skin and loosen pesky blackheads. This cleanser is perfect for non-inflamed acne on the face, back and chest. Improves rough skin texture and shaving bumps caused by ingrown hairs. Not recommended for use on inflamed ( cysts, pustules and whiteheads) acne.

SKIN CONDITIONS: Oily, Non inflamed acne prone skin, ingrown hairs

RECOMMENDED USE: Use a dime size and gently massage with fingers over damp skin for 30 seconds. Rinse with luke-warm water. Keep out of eyes. This cleanser can be used twice a day. If irritation or dryness occurs use once a day and substitute your second cleanse with our Gentle Wash.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Benzoyl peroxide 2.5%

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8 oz : $34.00

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