"I'm having trouble finding my stylist's next available appointment."

Our front desk staff is always happy to schedule an appointment for you over the phone if you are having difficulty finding an appointment online. You may also want to try this alternate online booking platform.

What it does: Displays the soonest date a stylist has availability.
What it doesn’t do: Allow you to book multiple services at once (e.g., Standard Color and Women's Haircut).
Who should use it: Clients booking a single service who want to see the soonest day their stylist has availability without having to tab through each individual day to find an opening. 

"I don't see the service or stylist I want listed."

Some of our services & stylists are not available for online booking, due to stylist preference and/or because a consultation may be required first. If you are interested in a service or stylist not available for online booking, please call the shop directly. Please do not select a different service and specify in the Special Requests which service you actually want, as all of our service times are unique and a consultation may be required. Click here to see all the services we offer. 

"Why are consultations required for some services?"

We want you to able to make informed decisions, have realistic expectations, and protect the integrity of your hair & skin. An in-person consultation with your stylist is the best way to provide you with safe, high-quality hair care, customized just for you. Click here to read more about why consultations are so important.

NOTE: Because a consultation is required to determine which services & how much time needs to be booked for you, you cannot book a color appointment until your consultation as taken place. After your consultation, your stylist will help you schedule your color appointment.

"How much will my service cost?"

All our stylists have unique pricing dependent on experience level. To see a particular stylist's service menu, please visit the Staff section of our website. Color services are listed as a base price that is subject to change in accordance to services rendered. For a closer estimate, please schedule a color consultation.

"Can I cancel my appointment online?"

Yes! From the "My Appointments" section, click "View Upcoming". You can cancel any upcoming appointment by clicking on the grey X. Please keep in mind we require 24 hours' notice if you need to cancel or change an appointment.

For more information about our shop policies, hours, services, and stylists, please visit our website.

Thank you so much for choosing THORPS! We look forward to seeing you.

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