Ready to purchase your classes? 

Please start by signing up and creating a log-in and password. Please be sure to register your child's name and other information before moving towards purchase of classes. ALL CUSTOMERS MUST CREATE A LOG-IN TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES 

New Albany/Dublin/Worthington Afterschool Enrichment Program. 

To register for the the Afterscool Enrichment Programs got to Services Tab. Find your school and click buy now. It will bring up an appointment page that says When - with a drop down for date and time. Please select the starting date for the class and click buy now. After that it will bring out the payment screen. Please enter your credit card information and complete the transaction. 



Math @ STEM-U

For Math classes at our facility at the Shops at Worthington Place you must purchase a membership first. Look at Tab Classes>Memberships. Select the appropriate membershop and pay for it. Monthly memberships will be recurring. To determine a day and time for class please call us.

STEM Workshops and Homework Help @ STEM-U

Workshops may be purchased on a per class basis or you can purchase a Series. For a single class, find the date you want to register, add to cart and proceed to checkout. If you have a code apply it at checkout.

For Series, look at Tab Classes>Series. Add your series to cart and checkout. After you purchase the series you can click on time and day of your choice in the schedule and register for the class. 

The Series can be used for various workshop classes and expire one year from date of purchase. Our system automatically keeps track of number of classes attended and will remind you when you need to add more classes to the series.

Tutoring @ STEM-U

For Tutoring please call us 614-407-4666. We provide individually customized tutoring services. Online registration is not available for tutoring services. After we discuss your needs for tutoring we can setup monthly payment. 


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