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Before clicking "Book Online" please read!

If you are a new client, simply click "book online", add how many people, add services, and you may create an account at the end. Please check "save credit card" if you want the software to remember your cc for the next booking. If you are a returning client, simply click "book online" and check out using the same first name and email address you have always used to book. Our software will automatically allow you to store a new password upon checkout. Please spell out city name if the abbreviation does not work (for example, Mount Pleasant vs Mt Pleasant).


You will be able to book up to 4 different people for a single service per person using this portal. For groups greater than 4 people, or to book multiple services for multiple people, you must email us directly. Email:


Please email us with questions and review nail art menu on website. Basic nail art is available with polish and gel, but standard/intricate/custom nail art are only available with gel services!


PLEASE BOOK NAIL ART AND GEL REMOVAL WITH THE SAME PERSON DOING YOUR MANI! Full policies are linked on our booking page, website, and sent in the confirmation email. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to communicate our policies, and confirmations, to your group. Your appointment is not booked/confirmed until you receive a confirmation email and/or text. An authorized credit card is required to hold ALL appts. Your card will not be charged until the date of service.



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