Maxine Weiss is a licensed esthetician with over 18 years of  experience in the beauty industry. Her obsession with brows and all things beauty helped her to develop a cult following.


She may have been one of the best kept secrets in NYC. Let’s just say there were a lot of people in Manhattan who wouldn’t dare let another soul touch their brows or their… (wink wink)


Everything was great but being the adventurous gal that she is,  she decided to leave New York and move down to Boca,  doll.


Dumbest move she ever made.


After a few months of frolicking in the Florida sun she realized real fast the grass is not always greener…

She missed bagels (evil carbs), the subway (who knew), rooftop bars (duh)

Basically everything and everyone she loved.


But she’s back now.  A little older (don’t tell anyone) and a little wiser.  She vows never to make such a stupid mistake again.

She’s really happy to be back and she hopes you’re happy about it too.


Maxine not only takes pride in her Beauty Brilliance but also in her sense of humor. She promises you will leave here gorgeous, glamorous, laughing and smiling. She will most definitely make sure of it.

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380 Lexington Avenue
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New York, NY 10168
United States
(917) 497-8855
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