Events Duration Price
  • CALL (Phone / Skpe / Line APP) 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Please put your Phone # / Skype contact / Line App. info.

    Let us know as to what will be covered during this call.
  • MEET & GREET - Vendor/Couple 1 hour 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    A walk through with a coordinator to go over the logistics of the event with vendor.

    Please put down the event date and company name?
  • OTHER (Parties, Corp Functions, Etc.) 1 hour 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • Save Your Date "10 Day Hold" 30 minutes $500.00 Book Now
    This a refundable deposit to save your date for 10 days. If canceled any time after that 10 days it is not refundable. Once contract is sign and down payment is in place (no later then 30 days) this will be used as a security deposit, that will be refunded if all is returned in good standing order.
  • SHOWING - WEDDING 1 hour 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • SITE CHECK (Film/Production/Photo Shoot) 1 hour 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Please put the dates needed and what on the estate you are needing to see?
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