Body Services Duration Price
  • BB Sculpt 1 hour $220.00 Book Now
    BB Sculpt™ Treatment is a combination of ICE & WOOD therapies which originated in South America. We start off with the WoodSculpting tools to activate the lymphatic system.These unique Wood Tools are designed to also contour the body, reduce cellulite, tone the skin and help with blood circulation.The Tools are used for 20 min all over the body with special attention to your problem areas.

    We then apply BB Sculpt Ice where the most stored fat volume is at.The product is applied frozen which allows a natural process to occur in the body called Cold Induced Thermogenesis. Thermogenesis will start the burning of fat cells in order to raise the temperature back to its normal state. The dead fat cells and toxins will then be expelled naturally through the body.

    This unique treatment can be done up to 3 to 4 times a week.It's a non invasive organic way of contouring the body!
  • BB Sculpt Facial 45 minutes $95.00 Book Now
    Our BB Sculpt™ Facials have amazing properties which reduce unwanted fat in your face and neck while, reducing pore size and giving you radiant skin. Each facial is created with special clays and herbs that calm inflammation, soothe and refresh your skin. Say goodbye to wrinkles and stored fat in your face & neck. These Facials will rejuvenate and turn back time on your face. The combination of muds have more than 35 minerals to fortify your skin and give you a radiant glow freezing your new ageless transformation!
  • Do Over Detox Scrub 30 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Enhance the results of your tan with this cellulite fighting detox scrub. Let us scrub away toxins and dead skin with our unique blend of desert minerals, volcanic ash and organic herbs which boosts circulation and diminishes the look of lumpy bumpy areas. This will leave your skin petal soft and ready for your bronzing session.
  • Lipo Melt 1 hour 10 minutes $0.00 Book Now
    Get rid of stubborn cellulite with Nature Pure’s new Lipo-Melt ®Anti-Cellulite Treatment.This treatment is a aggressive approach to reduce the appearance of cellulite.Paired with galvanic current this will ensure amazing results. You may choose from the thighs, hips or buttocks. Say goodbye to those annoying dimples and say hello to smooth supple skin!
  • Maintenance/Half Size BB Sculpt 1 hour $190.00 Book Now
  • Wood Sculpt Treatment 45 minutes $120.00 Book Now
    45 min wood tool contour treatment
Coaching Duration Price
  • 2 Hour Airbush Training 2 hours $250.00 Book Now
Eyebrows Duration Price
  • BB Brows 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Shaping done by The Brow Bunny herself!
  • Brow Lamination 45 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Brazilian Blowout for your brows.
  • Brow Tint 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Eyebrow Combo Lamination and Shapnig 1 hour 15 minutes $100.00 Book Now
    BB Brow shaping and Lamination
Hair Removal Duration Price
  • Abdomen 15 minutes $35.00 Book Now
  • Almost Bare Bikini 30 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    Extend your bikini line to remove hair further in and underneath. You are left with a “love patch” in front and down the middle. Does not include lips or booty service
  • Bare Naked Bikini 30 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Get your full Bunny Brazilian on. Removes all hair inner, outer, above, below, and of course, booty service. Like the name implies, no hair is left “behind.” Get it?
  • Bikini Touch Up 15 minutes $0.00 Book Now
  • Bikini Touch up for Regulars 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Booty Service 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    Get rid of any unwanted hair in between cheeks and down the crack
  • Bum Cheeks 30 minutes $40.00 Book Now
    Get your bum soft as a sugared bottom! Removes all fuzz from area below lower back to right under the cheeks, and both sides of the hips
  • Cheeks 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • Chin 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Classic Bikini 15 minutes $40.00 Book Now
    Keep it simple and sophisticated. Great for our teen bunnies.Your basic bikini shaping removes unwanted hair from the sides and off the top. You may wear your favorite bikini or undies during the service or a paper thong will be provided.
  • Decolletage 15 minutes $25.00 Book Now
  • Eyebrows 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    Sugar used, not recommended for extreme shaping. See BB Brows
  • Full Arms 45 minutes $60.00 Book Now
  • Full Face 30 minutes $65.00 Book Now
  • Full Leg 1 hour $110.00 Book Now
  • Hairline/Sideburns 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • Half Arms 30 minutes $40.00 Book Now
  • Half Leg 40 minutes $65.00 Book Now
  • Jawline 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • Lip 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Lower Back 15 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Nose Wax 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Underarms 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
Men's Grooming Duration Price
  • Abdomen 30 minutes $50.00 Book Now
  • Butt 15 minutes $45.00 Book Now
    Bewteen the cheeks
  • Butt Extrended 30 minutes $65.00 Book Now
    Full cheeks and down the center
  • Cabana Boy 1 hour $110.00 Book Now
    Exfoliate away dry, dead skin on the body. Get your entire back, neck and shoulders super smooth…because hair is sooo 1999.This treatment includes any necessary extractions, healing masque and cool compresses to quell redness and irritation. Fading of the upper arms included. Especially recommended for the first time male body sugaring.Please bring a clean white shirt to wear after treatment as fabric dye may irritate open follicles.
  • Chest 45 minutes $50.00 Book Now
  • Feet 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Full Arms 1 hour $75.00 Book Now
  • Full Back 45 minutes $70.00 Book Now
  • Full Legs 1 hour 30 minutes $130.00 Book Now
  • Half Arms 45 minutes $55.00 Book Now
  • Half Back 30 minutes $45.00 Book Now
  • Half Legs 1 hour $90.00 Book Now
  • Neck 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • The Full Monty 45 minutes $85.00 Book Now
    Gone baby... gone. All hair gone including the crack. For courageous male bunnies only. We will be nice... we promise.
  • The Mandatory 30 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Because paleo style should be limited to diets.This is not an option, it's mandatory.Our version of the male brazilian.We'll clean up the top and sides of your male assets while avoiding the sensitive areas.Go Bottom's Up and smooth out your bum for only $50 more.
Skin Care Duration Price
  • General 1 hour $0.00 Book Now
    Back Facial
Tanning Duration Price
  • Custom Organic Airbrush Tan 15 minutes $45.00 Book Now
  • Custom Organic Rapid Tan 15 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    Rinse in as little as 2 hours!
Packages Duration Price
  • New Client Holiday Special 0 $165.00 Book Now
    3 pack of Bare Naked sugars - savings of $30
  • The Total Package 25 minutes $55.00 Book Now
    Arm Sculpt & Brazilian Butt Lift
  • The Valley Girl 45 minutes $100.00 Book Now
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