Sat, Dec 9, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
YAM Workshops with Laura & Mary Angel: Yoga, Art, & Meditation Special Event
with Mary Angel Blount, Special Guest
120.00 minutes
The YAM Workshops with Laura & Mary Angel are designed for you to raise your vibe and get into your creative zone.We’ll start with yoga & breathwork to get loosened up and prepared for meditation. Even if you SWEAR you cannot meditate, these meditations are extremely accessible. You may not even have to close your eyes. Take it from us, former “failed meditators,” there are many types of meditation.Some sample meditations include: Trateka, or candle gazing, strengthens your Third Eye and thus your visual imagination; Walking Meditation, and Sound Bath. Next will follow a neurographica art exercise. Pioneered by Pavel Piscarev in 2014, neurographic art is designed to bypass your conscious (critical) mind, and go straight to your unconscious artistic mind. Get into your flow state and let loose! No art, yoga or meditation experience required.All art materials provided.

Saturday, December 9 at 2:00 pm
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