Hello, We want to know what YOU think!

It is important for us to continuously improve quality of our services and we need your feedback to accomplish this task. With this survey we would like to evaluate our staff as well as our equipment effectiveness.

This short survey will take less than 2 minutes to complete.

When you entered the facility how long it took to be greeted by one of our technicians?

If this was your first time visiting us did you receive consultation and how do you rate it?
How long did you wait before your treatment started?
Do you remember who was your technician? (optional)

Did the technician asked you about safety issues such as if you are on medication or if you have been exposed to sun and ... before starting treatment?

Did the technician thoroughly treated the promised area?

Over all how do you rate your technician?
Could you tell us how many times you have visited us in total?

Approximately how do you evaluate the result of your treatments up to this point?

How do you rate our prices comparing to our competitors?
How do you rate our quality of service to our competitors?
If you have purchased any skin care products such as Image sun blocks from us, how do you rate the products?
Will you recommend us to your family members and friends?

Please feel free to give us any comments or feedback.