Sat, Apr 28, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Yoga and Mindfulness for Care-Partners Special Event
with Keren Rosenbaum-Cooks
120.00 minutes
The best way to be there for your loved one is to take care of yourself! Care-partners of individuals with physical, cognitive or developmental illnesses or differ-abilities are at risk of depletion of their own health and wellbeing.Providing support for a loved one often involves a great deal of time and emotional, physical and financial effort and it can be challenging for care-partners to prioritize their own self-care.This workshop will focus on developing practical yoga and mindfulness-based skills that can be easily integrated into care-partners’ busy lives.Additionally, this workshop will be a forum for care-partners to receive support from one another in a space that it dedicated to their own wellness.Individuals of all ages, levels physical ability, gender identities, sexual orientations, ethnic and racial identities, immigration status and income levels are welcome.No prior yoga experience, flexibility or athleticism is necessary to benefit from this workshop.
About the teacher
Keren is passionate about the power of yoga as a vehicle for personal growth and healing. She trained at Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy pryt.com, a therapeutic yoga style that focuses on connecting to the wisdom of the body as a tool for positive life change. Phoenix Rising Yoga is explicitly trauma informed and body positive and has a focus on making yoga accessible to all people, regardless of fitness level, age, differ-ability or body type. Keren invites students to bring their whole selves into class and believes that the union or yoking in yoga includes tapping into mind-body- spirit connections. Keren is a queer cis woman and uses the pronouns she/her/hers. In addition to teaching yoga, Keren is a psychotherapist in private practice, reiki practitioner, visual artist and has 10 years of experience facilitating mindfulness and embodiment experiences for individuals and groups. To learn more about her work visit krcLCSW.com.

Saturday, April 28 at 4:30 pm
Sun, Apr 29, 6:45 PM - 8:00 PM
QTIPOC Sangha & Meditation Special Event
with Third Root
75.00 minutes
“Without community, there is no liberation.” -Audre Lorde This donation-based offering is a weekly meditation sangha to give queer, transgender, intersex and/or genderfluid/non-binary people of color a space in which to find stillness, solitude, and community during a time when our lives (and particularly the lives of Black and indigenous people) are more overtly in the crosshairs of violence from multiple fronts. The meditation practice will incorporate space for people to share their struggles and their strategies for self-care and community care, and will facilitate relationship building among people seeking to define “healing” and “wellness” in a context in which true safety is not attainable. The circle will use a politic of radical love as a guiding force, and incorporate spiritual teachings from Buddhism, other religious traditions, and QTIPOC artivists both living and dead. Ideally the group will rotate facilitators, but the space will be held and organized by Amita Swadhin.

Sunday, April 29 at 6:45 pm
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