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  • Club Bliss - $89.00/Annually - $0.00/Initiation - can not be frozen

    Initial Payment Made Now:$89.00
    Recurring Payment:$89.00

    CLUB BLISS is DESIGNED for the DISTINCTIVE MASSAGE CONNOISSEUR Who Wants the Benefits of Exclusive Monthly Massage Deals at Every Visit Just $89 Therapeutic Massage & Whole Health Empowerment 50% Off Your First Massage After You Join Club Bliss (Yearly Value $42.50) Save $10 on All Regular Priced Therapeutic Massage Packages (Yearly Value $120 for monthly clients) Advanced Whole Body Health Consultation and Protocol Via Skype with Renowned Massage Therapist, Internationally Certified Health Coach & Master Emotional Freedom Mentor, Jordan (Value $200) EXCLUSIVE LUXURY UPGRADES SIGNATURE AROMATHERAPY OILS or SKIN SILKENING BODY BUTTER UPGRADE 1X Every Month (Yearly Value $180)If pampering is what you desire, you’ll love how our house-crafted, pure plant based, allergy-free and nut-free oils and body butter leave your skin glowing and silky-soft to the touch. -OR- COMPLIMENTARY MELTDOWN MASSAGE Upgrade 1X Every Month (Yearly Value $180)Clients say you’ll experience PURE HEAVEN as we apply liquid “Prossage Heat” to provide most sumptuous massage you’ve ever experienced, then melt away any remaining tension with rejuvenating Biofreeze cooling gel. CLUB MEMBERS SAVINGS ON SIGNATURE AT-HOME SPA PRODUCTS Save 10% on All In-House Crafted Signature Massage Oils, Aromatherapy Scents & Skin Silkening Body Butter products available at the front desk. GIVE YOUR FABULOUS FRIENDS “CLUB BLISS FOR A DAY” Club Bliss for a Day: Book you and your friend for massage on the same day, introducing them to The Therapy House, and they get all your Club Bliss savings too! (Limit: One time per friend) REFER 3, GET 50 MINUTES OF BLISS FOR FREE If you love the transformation you experience every time you get a massage at Therapy House, then please feel free to refer your friends! For every 3 friends you introduce to us in a calendar year we’ll give you 1 Complimentary 50 minute massage, so the more friends you refer, the more you’ll experience bliss!

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