theBACKstop Massage & Oxygen Bar

"Relaxing You Since 2002"

For over a decade theBACKstop Massage & Oxygen Bar has been the leader in kiosk style $1 per minute services. We offer walk-up Massage & Flavored Oxygen that is fast, affordable, and convenient for busy lifestyles. Because we are customizable you design your own relaxation package and how much you want to spend; what more could you ask for?

We are conveniently located in Penn Square Mall on the lower level in the Macy's wing. Check out some of our favorite packages;

Favorite Packages

                  $20                                                                              $20                                                                           $20

                   QUICK STOP                                                                                  MASSAGE ESCAPE                                                                                 RELIEVE ME

          10 Minute Massage                                                         10 Minute Massage                                                      20 Minute Massage

     10 Minute Flavored Oxygen                                         10 Minute Head & Sinus Massage                                      10 Minute Flavored Oxygen


                  $40                                                                             $50                                                                            $60

             MASSAGE MANIAC                                                                              MEGA MASSAGE                                                                   RELAXATION DESTINATION

         20 Minute Massage                                                        20 Minute Massage                                                 30 Minute Full Body Massage

      20 Minute Foot Massage                                                20 Minute Foot Massage                                                  10 Minute Foot Massage

                                                                                      10 Minute Flavored Oxygen                                            20 Minute Flavored Oxygen


                  $60                                                                             $80                                                                            $95

              MASSAGE JUNKIE                                                                          STRESS ELIMINATOR                                                                         MASSAGEAHOLIC

  30 Minute Full Body Massage                                            40 Minute Full Body Massage                                         60 Minute Full Body Massage

10 Minute Sinus & Head Massage                                     10 Minute Sinus & Head Massage                                   10 Minute Sinus & Head Massage

      20 Minute Foot Massage                                                  10 Minute Foot Massage                                                20 Minute Foot Massage

                                                                                       20 Minute Flavored Oxygen                                         5 Minute Extended Back Scratch


Come by and relax with us one minute at a time or enjoy one of our exciting mobile services;

  • Corporate Massage Services: Our Wellness Programs include On-Site Chair Massage, Stress Management Workshops, and Employee Incentive Programs.
  • SPArties: We transform your home into a Spa Party with fun Edible Facials, Spa Services, Massage and yummy treats! Sign up to be a SPArties Girl and win a FREE SPArties Party!
  • Massage Temps: An agency that provides upscale professoinal massage through various companies to expand their business services. We train top notch therapists to become unmatchable in the industry with our TBS Brand and find the best jobs possible.
  • Casino Relax-n-Play: An on-site mobile massage service that transforms any casino getaway into a special event. After spending long hours playing games, you can find renewed energy with a simple massage so you can play longer and win more!

Hours Of Operation

Open Time Close Time
Monday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Tuesday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Wednesday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Thursday 10:00 am 7:00 pm
Friday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am 9:00 pm
Sunday 12:00 pm 6:00 pm


5623 North Penn
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
United States
(405) 840-4782
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