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Applied to these services only:
Options PPO or POS by Kaiser/Group Health

Valid: from Oct 5, 2017
Kaiser Health Plan Contractual Allowance
Options PPO or POS by Kaiser/Group Health
Kaiser Options Plans.PPO and POS.Matthew Chociej, LMP is contracted for the Options PPO.POS plans for Kaiser are covered, however; visits are subject to deductible according to your plan on the POS Plan if waived with an HMO provider. The following plans (PPO PEBB Value plans, CORE, HMO and KP Self Funded plans) are NOT covered with Matthew Chociej.Members will still need a Prescription or Referral from their doctor with ICD10 Diagnosis codes.Providing us with your Insurance ID # and date of birth before your first appointment will help us determine your benefits and financial responsibility. Please bring with you:Referral/Prescription from your Dr. with ICD 10 codes and number of visits; Photo Identification, Proof of Insurance card, payment for copay, co-insurance and or deductibles. Please come to your appointment well hydrated.
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