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Chyavanaprasam (500 g)

Chyavanaprasam is a holistic approach to rejuvenation. As a daily dietary supplement, it helps build bodily strength, mental clarity and it reduces the risk of getting sick from lack of immunity. Very popular with all age groups, this herbal formula is filled with vitamins and minerals from different fruits and plants.

Directions of Use: Take 1-2 Tbsp twice daily as a healthy regime.

Ingredients: Asparagus, Bamboo manna, Blue Egyptian water lily, Cardamom, Chebulic myrobalan, Chinese cinnamon, Cinnamon bark, Clove, Indian Rose Chestnut, Country mallow, Feather foll plant, Fresh Indian gooseberry, Galls, Ghee, Giant potato, Honey, Indian kudzu, Irish root, Liquorice, Long pepper, Malabar nut, Nut grass, Potassium sorbate, Raisins, Round zedoary, Sandalwood, Sesame oil, Spreading Hogweed, Sugar, Tiger's claw plant, Wild black gram, Wild green gram, Winter cherry

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