Massages Duration Price
  • Baby on Board (50 Min) 50 minutes $159.00 Book Now
    Nourish your skin and calm your mind with this soothing and deeply nurturing treatment.
    Focused entirely on your personal needs, a gentle yet effective exfoliation of your back is followed by a comforting body massage to safely target areas prone to stress and tension during or after pregnancy to alleviate muscular aches and pains, leaving you feeling relaxed and revitalized.
    A course of 6 treatments is recommended following the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • Couples Massage (50 Min) 50 minutes $318.00 Book Now
    Side-by-side couples massage. Upgrade to Signature Suite for $49!
  • Deep Tissue Massage (50 Min) 50 minutes $169.00 Book Now
    Alleviate deep-seated tension and muscular stress with this powerful massage.
    Specialized techniques help re-align the deeper layers of your muscles to release tightness and alleviate common areas of discomfort such as a stiff neck, a painful lower back and sore or tense shoulders.
  • Hot Stone Massage (75 Min) 1 hour 15 minutes $209.00 Book Now
    Relieve deep muscle tension and body aches with this therapeutic massage.
    Allow this personalized combination of oils, heated stones and targeted massage techniques to deeply penetrate muscles to soothe away aches and pains.
  • Stressbuster (110 Min) 1 hour 50 minutes $319.00 Book Now
    Deeply unwind as busy thoughts and tension dissolve with this ultimate stress-relieving treatment.
    A full-body exfoliation rejuvenates the skin before an extended massage and a comforting scalp massage restore peace and balance to body and mind. Treatment is performed with hot stones.
  • Swedish Massage (50 Min) 50 minutes $149.00 Book Now
    Drift away and enjoy this comforting massage.
    This traditional light to medium pressure massage will leave you feeling stress-free, relaxed and ready to get lost into the blue.

  • The Collection Massage by ESPA (50 Min) 50 minutes $159.00 Book Now
    Comforting and indulgent, this luxurious ESPA body treatment is entirely personalized to your needs.
    Lie back, relax and dream of the ocean as your expert therapist selects the ideal combination of warm essential oils and massage techniques to ensure you get the most out of this bespoke massage.
Skin Care Duration Price
  • Men's Reviving Facial (50 Min) 50 minutes $159.00 Book Now
    Purify, smooth and energize your skin with this invigorating facial.
    This invigorating facial washes away dead skins cells as it boosts cell regeneration and reawakens your complexion while a personalized facial massage and mask leave your skin feeling toned and supple.

  • Optimal Skin Profacial by ESPA (50 Min) 50 minutes $159.00 Book Now
    Rebalance, hydrate and delay the early stages of aging with this reviving facial.
    Advanced formulas deeply cleanse, refine and nourish skin that may be left dry, sensitized or lackluster from the effects of environmental exposure. These active ingredients provide moisture-rich nutrients to where they are needed most, while a tailored facial massage smooths and lifts facial contours.

  • Oxygen Facial by Intraceuticals (50 Min) 50 minutes $179.00 Book Now
    Luxury Meets Technology.
    Intraceutical’s Intra-layering ™ technology helps boost hydration, radiance and vitality with instantly visible results. Fully hydrated skin isn’t just smooth, it’s firm and toned.
  • Signature Facial by Epicuren (50 Min) 50 minutes $159.00 Book Now
    Voted Best Spa Treatment by Beauty Choice awards.
    Visibly lift, firm, and improve texture clarity and tone utilizing protein enzymes to brighten your skin’s appearance.
Packages Duration Price
  • Lost in Luxury 1 hour 40 minutes $309.00 Book Now
    Surf City’s calm and comfort for one or two.
    Enjoy a 50-minute Collection Massage and a 50-minute Collection Facial individually or with a loved one.
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