- Spa Special 120 min. Serenity Massage and Facial package

at New Serenity Spa - Facial and Massage in Scottsdale
15609 N Hayden Rd #138
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
United States
Applied to these services only:
60 Minute Serenity Facial , * The Serenity Massage - 60 min

Valid: Nov 29, 2014 - Dec 1, 2018
Our most requested service (The Serenity Facial) combined with our most popular massage (The Serenity Massage) for 120 min of pure bliss and relaxation.
60 Minute Serenity Facial
OUR MOST REQUESTED FACIAL includes a thorough and deep cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating masques, anti-aging moisturizers and incorporates massaging of the arms, hands, neck, shoulders, decollete and facial massage. Warm towels are infused with aromatherapy and a relaxing foot massage is included while our potent fruit enzymes heal your skin. Our hydration mask is loaded with the highest quality humectants to bring moisture balance back to your skin. Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage while your skin begins to rebuild and breathe. This facial nourishes, hydrates and leaves your skin feeling youthful and radiant.
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* The Serenity Massage - 60 min
OUR MOST POPULAR SERVICE, this fantastic massage takes you into a realm of mental relaxation and soothes the entire body.This full body massage involves long gliding strokes to loosen tight and sore muscles and increase circulation. It incorporates warm towels,aromatherapy infused peppermint sugar scrub on your feet, followed by hydrating foot cream with a full, deep foot massage, scalp massage and medium pressure. These extras are not included in your classic Swedish Massage. Our Serenity Massage offers more value than our competitor’s Signature or Swedish Massage.Our therapists have mastered the art of relaxation with this service.
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