New Services Offered by our Holistic Practitioner

Sandra Whitney, CA

If you are seeking a more natural method of healing, call today to schedule an appointment.

Book Online under Wellness or Integrative heading

Specializing in natural and holistic aids to achieve balance and optimal health of the:


Aromatherapy: Custom and Condition Blend Consults and Raindrop Therapy (priced from $30 - $85)

Pain management sessions: Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki (priced from $55 - $65)


Inflammation Treatments: Castor Oil Packs ($40)

Personal Blends of Lotions, Body, & Bath products (priced from $10 - $30)

Natural Deodorants ($10)


Relaxing and meditative sessions (priced from $30 - $65)

Destress Sessions (priced from $30 - $60)

Stress Management (priced from $30 - $85)

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