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GLOSS (Italian Lavender) (4 fl oz)

This multi-use emollient is made with 100% essential oils. The softening organic essential body oil can be used in combination with a daily application of QUENCH, layered underneath for an added boost to absorb and hydrate. use it from head-to-toe to tame frizzy, flyaway hair, soften nail cuticles and dry heals. Excellent as a pre-shave prep and relax sore muscles. Use as a delicate essence in replace of perfumes.
About Essence of Italian Lavender--Purifying and Revitalizing--a rich blend of pure essential oils and plant based actives that inspires clarity while calming nervous tension: easing and relaxing the mind and muscles. Soothes migraines, insomnia, and overall stress. The anti bacterial properties relive respiratory issues helping you breathe better. Healing elements of this delicate blend will soothe eczema and skin irritations.

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4 fl oz : $36.00

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