Body Services Duration Price
  • Stone Crop Body Treatment 1 hour 15 minutes $95.00 Book Now
    This treatment extends firming and moisturizing to the entire body. Your experience begins with an invigorating sugar/salt exfoliation that gently resurfaces the skin, followed by a cooling aloe-infused restorative wrap. Then unwind with a stress-relieving massage, featuring an anti-inflammatory, relaxing blend of stone crop and arnica. Finally, a results oriented contouring cream is applied to targeted areas. Every inch of you is left soothed and smoothed.
Eyebrows Duration Price
  • Brow Tinting 15 minutes $18.00 Book Now
    We use the Intensive line to apply tint to your eyebrows. We can custom blend colors for eyebrows to match your hair color. It is a long-lasting color, great for busy clients who don't have the time to fill in their brows. Color those blonde or light hairs and have instant fuller brows!
  • Microblading 2 hours 15 minutes $500.00 Book Now
  • Microblading second session 2 hours $0.00 Book Now
Eyelashes Duration Price
Facials Duration Price
  • Acne Advanced Treatment Facial 45 minutes $60.00 Book Now
    Treat your acne naturally with this botanical-rich facial, packed full of organic ingredients that specifically address acne conditions such as excess oil, hyperpigmentation and scarring. Potent time-
    release encapsulated salicylic acid deeply penetrates pores to dissolve excess build-up, powerfully
    cleaning out blackheads and preventing future congestion. Our Acne Advanced Facial is a perfect first
    step to clearer skin.
  • Arctic Berry Illuminating Facial 1 hour $80.00 Book Now
  • Back Microdermabrasion 1 hour $85.00 Book Now
  • Berries Jubilee Anti Aging Peel *HOT* 1 hour $85.00 Book Now
    Just like the dessert, this facial starts with a base of berries to gently exfoliate.The flame comes with a patented mix of acids to melt away wrinkles and further renew your epidermis.Once the flame calms down, a custom mask is applied to cool your skin.Your experience is finished with a gentle full-face extraction and moisturizer best suited for your skin.Results are instantly visible: you will leave with fewer fine lines and a noticeable glow to your skin!
  • Biodynamic Facial 1 hour $90.00 Book Now
    Experience our hypoallergenic and rejuvenating skin care collection that is the Beyond Organic Collection! This facial is ideal for sensitive skin types as every ingredient is harvested at peak potency and purity. This treatment is deeply healing and nourishing and will leave your skin feeling well hydrated and taken care of. This facial does not include extractions.
  • Deep Clean Teen Facial 1 hour $45.00 Book Now
    The teen facial concentrates on a deep cleansing with steam to open pores for extractions. A custom mask is applied for its antibacterial properties to condition the skin further and help lessen breakouts. Teens leave with tips on how to better care for their skin. Ages 10 through 19.
  • Deep Pore Cleansing 1 hour 30 minutes $95.00 Book Now
    Your skin is cleansed and steamed to open up pores.An organic polish and 20% pro peel is applied. Microdermabrasion is then used to clear remaining dead skin cells and then receive a full face deep pore extractions. Hot Hungarian herbal mud treatment is then used to detoxify the skin. Not recommended for sensitive skin or cystic acne.
  • Dermaplane 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
    Dermaplane treatments remove the top layer of dead skin cells and triggers faster cellular turnover which unveils your skin's natural brilliance and glow. Removal of this outer layer of dead skin cells and fine hair, "Peach Fuzz", ehances the penetration of products and the results of your skin care regimen. Dermaplaning also prepares the skin for other procedures such as Peels, Microdermabrasion, and PhotoFacials. Dermaplaning can be preformed as a stand-alone exfoliation treatment.
  • Dermaplane with Microdermabrasion or Peel 1 hour $75.00 Book Now
    Dermaplane with a Peel or Microdermabrasion will give you a deeper exfoliation and better product penetration.
  • Ecofin Foot Treatment 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    This is truly a healthy, nourishing foot treatment because it is made with 100% natural plant-based emollients and pure essential oils. The EcoFin Foot Treatment is a natural luxurious foot treatment.Enjoy a relaxing Foot massage with nutrient rich cream that renews and protects you tired feet.
  • Eminence "Bright Eyes!" Treatment 10 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    It begins with the Naseberry Eye Exfoliant which helps smooth wrinkles and adds antioxidants to the skin. Then the Raspberry Eye Masque is applied, which hydrates and assists with elasticity using 16 vitamins and herbs. The Cucumber Eye Gel instantly removes puffiness and the Wild Plum Eye Cream contains vitamin K, which diminishes dark circles.
  • Eminence "Luscious Lips!" Treatment 10 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    Treat your lips to a naturally with Eminence Lip treatment. Gentle fruit enzymes refine the lip area, followed by an extra rich masque that deeply hydrates. Finish with a delicious minty non-petroleum based balm that stimulates lip-plumping collagen.
  • Esthetician's Choice Facial 1 hour 10 minutes $75.00 Book Now
    Engage in a brief conversation about your skin concerns and goals and let your esthetician decide what your skin needs and choose the best products accordingly.
  • Extractions (1 hour) 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    Travel, stress, extra workouts can cause your skin to get out of line.Let us Clean out your pores and get you back on track for your next facial. Skin is cleansed, extractions are performed on problem areas, your face is cleansed once more and a light moisturizer is applied.
  • Extractions (15 minutes) 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    Don't need a full facial? Just want to clear a trouble spot or two? This will save you time and money. Skin is cleansed, extractions are preformed on problem areas, your face is cleansed once more and a light moisturizer is applied.
  • Extractions (30 minutes) 30 minutes $30.00 Book Now
    Keep your skin looking its best between facials.Skin is cleansed, extractions are performed on problem areas, your face is cleansed once more and a light moisturizer is applied.
  • Face & Neck Microdermabrasion 1 hour 15 minutes $90.00 Book Now
  • Face, Neck & Decollete Micro 1 hour 30 minutes $150.00 Book Now
  • Fire & Ice Eminence Facial 1 hour 30 minutes $110.00 Book Now
    Your skin is exfoliated using paprika and other fresh herbs. The tingling hot sensation of this facial peel is cooled with an application of a chilled rosehip menthol treatment. A custom mask is massaged into the skin with a relaxing Hungarian facial massage. A special serum, specific to your skin type is then applied, followed by a lightly whipped moisturizer. The result is beautiful, glowing skin.
  • Gentleman's Hungarian Facial 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
    This is a real man’s facial using natural organic products especially selected for a man’s skin and individual needs. With the use of steamed towels receive a face, neck and hand massage with non-perfumed, non-greasy, natural products. This facial is wonderfully relaxing and fantastic for keeping a man’s skin in optimal condition.
  • LumiFacial Light Treatment Only 45 minutes $45.00 Book Now
    LumiFaical® treatment uses a blend of wavelengths and different colored lights to correct skin conditions such as Acne, Brown age spots, Redness, Photo-damaged skin.Your face will be cleansed, lightly exfoliated and then you will begin your 30 minute session under the This special light panel.After your treatment is complete a booster serum and moisturizer specific to your skins needs is applied.
  • LumiFacial w/ Microdermabrasion 1 hour 30 minutes $75.00 Book Now
  • Microdermabrasion 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
    Our treatments use the Derma Pod which projects a controlled stream of natural mineral crystals to gradually erase flaws and blemishes. Each pass removes a precise amount of surface cells revealing newer and healthier skin. It refines pores, reduces uneven pigmentation, smoothens coarse and granular skin, and removes superficial scars and blemishes.
  • Neck Microdermabrasion Treatment 45 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Signature Hungarian Facial 1 hour 45 minutes $130.00 Book Now
    A luxurious results orientated facial for the client who seeks both cleansing and relaxation. With Eminence skin care you will receive a personalized facial that meets your specific needs whether it may be for acne prone, aging, or sensitive skin. Enjoy a rejuvenating facial treatment starting with organic exfoliation and peel, microdermabrasion to smooth out wrinkles, organic firming masque, lifting and tightening non-invasive facelift, 3-step organic eye and lip treatment to plump lips and firm eyes, followed by our signature Hungarian Facial Massage. This luxurious treatment also includes a hand, arm, neck, and shoulder massage
  • Skin Clearing Back Facial 1 hour $75.00 Book Now
    If you have problems with breakouts on your back then this is the treatment for you! It begins with a cleansing followed by a scrub to exfoliate dead cells and debris. Deep clean your pores with extractions and a custom mask is then applied to clear up blemishes and a light moisturizer is applied.
  • Tesla High Frequency Treatment 20 minutes $20.00 Book Now
    High frequency treatments are extremely effective at reducing the size of enlarged pores and eliminating blackheads. The enriched oxygen molecules that are produced during treatment penetrate deep into the root of the affected area, cleaning out debris and toxins allowing each pore to quickly regain its natural size again. This treatment provides a safe and gentle remedy using the power of Oxygen to: -Reduce inflammation -Eliminate acne causing bacteria -Increase collagen growth -Enhance blood flow and circulation –Stimulate new healthy cells.
  • The Great Pumpkin Facial 1 hour $75.00 Book Now
    The Great Pumpkin Facial, begins with a cleanse and exfoliation, features Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme Peel, extractions, microdermabrasion and Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque by Eminence Organic Skin Care! This Limited Edition Facial won't be around long, so book now!
Makeup Duration Price
  • 2hr Professional Makeup Instruction 2 hours $100.00 Book Now
    Experience a more in depth conversation with your makeup artist with this extended session. This instructional lesson will build upon the basics of makeup and give you the opportunity to try more advanced techniques.
  • Bring a Friend Make-up lessons 1 hour 30 minutes $60.00 Book Now
    Too shy to come alone? Have a friend that loves makeup too? No worries! Bring your bestie to experience the makeup fun with you! Both of you will receive a makeup application and demonstration featuring our Jane Iredale mineral makeup.
  • Makeup Lessons 1 hour $50.00 Book Now
    Bring all your makeup questions and concerns! Acquire makeup knowledge and techniques to take home with you with this hands on application and demonstration. Featuring Jane Iredale: The Skin Care Makeup as you are one-on-one with your makeup artist.
  • Senior Picture Makeup Application 1 hour $50.00 Book Now
    We want to help make your senior pictures look perfect!
    Even if you never wear make-up its important because even a little make-up will highlight your best features and still make you look natural!Our make-up artists use only Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up and are proficient in photo make-up. indoors, outdoors, and camouflage make-up.Make-up is EXTREMELY important in the way your finished portraits will look.Be Flawless, Be Beautiful, and Still Be You!
  • Special Occasion Makeup 1 hour $70.00 Book Now
    It doesn't have to be your wedding to get your makeup done! Choose this makeup application for any special event or date you have going on in your life.
  • Teen Makeup Lessons 1 hour $40.00 Book Now
    Give your teen a basic, introductory knowledge of makeup products, application and techniques to get them started.
Massages Duration Price
  • dōTERRA AromaTouch Technique 45 minutes $85.00 Book Now
    The AromaTouch Technique® is the application of essential oils to the back and feet. This technique combines the unique benefits of human touch with the power of essential oils to create an overall wellness experience.
  • Hungarian Relaxation Massage 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    A soothing 60 minute massage to help you de-stress and relax. With the focus on your face, neck, decollete, shoulders, arms and hands.
  • Massage Combo (NMT & Swedish) 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
  • Massage Combo (NMT & Swedish) 1 hour 30 minutes $80.00 Book Now
    NMT (neuro muscular therapy) is a form of soft tissue manipulation that aims to treat underlying causes of chronic pain involving the muscular and nervous systems. This medically-oriented form of massage addresses trigger points (tender muscles points), circulation, nerve compression, postural issues, and biomechanical problems that can be caused by repetitive movement injuries. This technique is paired with your classic Swedish massage for relaxation to get the most out of you massage experience!
  • Swedish Massage (1hr 30mins) 1 hour 30 minutes $80.00 Book Now
  • Swedish Massage (1hr) 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
    A classic full body relaxation massage to relieve tension and stress.
  • Swedish Massage (30 mins) 30 minutes $45.00 Book Now
Medical Spa Treatments Duration Price
  • LumiLift & LumiFacial w/ Microdermabrasion 2 hours $210.00 Book Now
  • LumiLift Neck Treatment 1 hour $100.00 Book Now
  • LumiLift with Microdermabrasion 1 hour 45 minutes $140.00 Book Now
    A revolutionary way of rejuvenating the skin and lifting sagging muscles. This powerful light stimulates the cells to produce more collagen. Increased collagen smooths and softens the appearance of wrinkles, reduces the size of pores, and improves the skin texture. At the same time non-invasive micronized currents lift and tone the muscles lifting sagging skin.
  • Skinsheek Imperfection Treatment 15 minutes $50.00 Book Now
Skin Care Duration Price
  • Consultation 30 minutes $15.00 Book Now
    It's all in the pores.Your consultation begins with a Q&A discussion of your specific goals and concerns.We will review nutrition for your skin type.Bring your current skin care products to your consult for an unbiased evaluation.If you have healthy products that no longer suit your needs, we will gladly donate them to women in need. You will also receive a facial cleansing and pore evaluation so we can get to the root of any skin issues and provide a plan for facial treatments or a simple home care routine.During this consult you will learn personalized skin tips, discuss a "No-Picking" skin contract for those who need no skin-picking accountability, and free treatments and tips to help break those habits.You will leave feeling confident knowing we have a plan to help you achieve your goals for your skin.
Tattoo Duration Price
  • Removal 1 hour $275.00 Book Now
  • Upper lash liner tattoo first session 1 hour $250.00 Book Now
    Custom color, upper lashline.First session
Waxing Duration Price
  • Bikini 30 minutes $32.00 Book Now
  • Chin Wax 15 minutes $12.00 Book Now
  • Ears 10 minutes $25.00 Book Now
  • Eyebrow Sculpting 15 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • Feet 10 minutes $8.00 Book Now
  • Fingers 5 minutes $5.00 Book Now
  • Full Arms 35 minutes $50.00 Book Now
  • Full Face 40 minutes $50.00 Book Now
  • Full Legs 1 hour $95.00 Book Now
  • Half Arms 20 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Half Legs 45 minutes $47.00 Book Now
  • Hand Wax 5 minutes $8.00 Book Now
  • Lip & Brow 20 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • Lip & Chin 20 minutes $22.00 Book Now
  • Lip, Chin & Eyebrows 30 minutes $36.00 Book Now
  • Men's Back 30 minutes $50.00 Book Now
  • Men's Brazilian 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
  • Men's Chest 45 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Men's Stomach 15 minutes $30.00 Book Now
  • Sides of Face 20 minutes $20.00 Book Now
  • Toe Wax 10 minutes $5.00 Book Now
  • Underarm 15 minutes $25.00 Book Now
  • Upper Lip 15 minutes $15.00 Book Now
  • Women's Front Brazilian 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    This Brazilian wax focuses only on the front pelvic area.
  • Women's Full Brazilian 1 hour $75.00 Book Now
    A full Brazilian wax with the front pelvic area and back cheeks.
  • Women's Lower Back 15 minutes $8.00 Book Now
  • Women's Stomach 10 minutes $10.00 Book Now
Yoga Duration Price
  • Private Session 1 hour $65.00 Book Now
    Focus on personal goals both mental and physical for your practice and personalized routine .
    Overcome health concerns or physical injury thorough modifications to ensure a safe practice that restores balance and flexibility.Create a flexible schedule that allows you to practice around your work/ personal obligations.
    Gain initial experience and heighten your awareness and overall health.
  • Slow Burn Mixed Level 1&2 1 hour $15.00 Book Now
    Slow Flow Mixed Level 1&2. This class still has the feel of a typical Vinyasa class while slowing down the pace of class.You will move mindfully on the breath but powerfully while building both strength and balance in your practice. Small group allows for more personal student-teacher interaction. Be ready to enjoy a variety of empowering motivating and diverse playlists!
  • Vinyasa Beginner Foundation Series 1 hour $60.00 Book Now
    Join me for this 6 class series geared towards beginner practitioners. These classes are designed to teach you how to move with the breath and introduce a foundation set of skills to help you understand the actions and benefits of the basic traditional yoga postures in the Vinyasa flow sequence.
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